With access to over 400 million members, LinkedIn is a great lead generation tool. The platform which is originally created for connecting professionally has a great potential for finding the perfect prospects who are interested in your product or service.

In Revamp CRM, we provide you 2 simple ways to import your professional contacts and leads from LinkedIn into your CRM account:

  1. Revamp CRM Lead Clipper
  2. Import all your LinkedIn contacts as a CSV file


1- Revamp CRM Lead Clipper

When you’re working in a sales team, generating new leads to build your sales list becomes a daily task. Our Chrome Lead Clipper helps capture leads from LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and any other website to Revamp CRM .

Find a lead online > put its data into your CRM > call/email the lead > log the activity – this process has never been faster! You’ll increase your lead generation efficiency! It is the ideal Chrome contact clipper.





  • Site-specific support for: Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, CrunchBase, Yelp, GitHub and Quora
  • Generic support for ANY website (email addresses, phone numbers, address and company)
  • Duplicates detection
  • Inline editing


Get our Lead Clipper

2- Import your Contacts from LinkedIn as a CSV file:

You can import all your LinkedIn connections at once via using a CSV file, it’s both fast and easy. All you need to do it to go to your Revamp CRM account > Navigate to integrations > and click on the LinkedIn button.

You will be directed to LinkedIn to export all your contacts in a spreadsheet, then you’ll be able to upload this CSV file in Revamp CRM. and don’t worry, we made it super easy.

Your CSV will be mapped automatically and we will import your contacts in a minute.


Use our Lead Management features to turn your LinkedIn contacts into customers:

Move your leads through the purchase funnel using Revamp CRM powerful Lead Management Tools:

Create Multiple Lists and Segments:

  • Integration: Stop wasting your time on data entry and import all your contacts and leads from 26+ to your CRM account.
  • Tags and Custom Fields: Use our Tags & Custom Fields to capture information specific to your business and your business process.
  • Contact’s Stage: Choose from 7 different stages to define your Lead’s Stage, whether he’s hooked or he made it all the way to becoming an evangelist.
  • Smart Filters: Use contact management tools and filters to sort your contacts into different Segments and Lists.
  • Sales Follow-up Reminder: We will automatically remind you to follow-up on different Lists you created.
  • Follow-up Templates: Use our pre-built follow-up email templates to save your time.
  • Contact Profile: Have a 360-degree view of every contact with our dynamic contact profile
  • Email Marketing: Use our Email Marketing Automation and Campaigns to send better targeted emails.
  • Automatic sync with another email marketing tool: Export Revamp CRM Lists to your email marketing tool, and enjoy our automatic sync between Revamp CRM Lists and your email marketing Lists.
  • Smart BCC Email: You can use our Smart BCC email anytime you send or receive a message from a Revamp CRM Lead or Contact, and we will attach a copy of the communication to their profile.
  • Sales Pipeline: Visual Sales Pipeline to help you close your B2B Deals Fast.
  • Deal’s Dashboard:See your sales results alongside activity metrics like number and value of deals added and number of completed sales activities.
  • Sales Reports: Sales Funnel Report, Team Insights and Team performance Reports to help you take the best decisions for your business.


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