“Marketing in A New Era”

Following a textbook plays a huge part in our marketing. But you need to be careful because nowadays.
Marketing is changing at a very fast pace that you might not catch a new trend if you are depending merely on the rules of a marketing textbook.
If you are not attentive enough to know what’s going on here and there, you might fall behind the new technology.


All that you have to do is finding a balance between the old rules and the new trends, blending them all together to come up with new rules that will serve you better.
You mainly synchronize all that you know about marketing together with your inner guts but this time you must support your intuition with research to work better.
In that way, you will stay assured that you are not outdated. And We cannot be talking about marketing without mentioning one of its fundamental arms.
“Email Marketing”, which is – surprise, surprise – a marketing tool that never goes out of style! According to McKinsey.
it even surpasses the other social media platforms by 40 times when it comes to customer acquisition. In this article.
we will give you a glimpse about the new rules of Email Marketing, according to the new trends and current field research.

Rule #1: Relevancy

In a world full of spams, scams and irrelevant emails, you just need to be hitting your point directly.
correctly and precisely, it is not an option to be irrelevant anymore!
Study your target market so well, segment them and know how to reach each segment with relevant content that will interest them, grab their attention and consequently trigger more transactions!
Personalization here is an important keyword that will make you tailor the right message to the right person at the right time.
You should be relevant in everything starting your subject line.

According to Experian, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.
,so you should be careful yet honest with what you write in the subject line.
that it should be both catchy and clear to serve its sole purpose.
which is escalating the mail to be opened by the customer.

Rule #2: Analytics Mode Activated

As we’ve mentioned before, in the world of data and information.
your dependency on inner guts should be almost zero.
Invest in gathering, managing and analyzing original data about your customers.
Take advantage of this information.
This will definitely give you some unique insights, that will help you in tailoring and personalizing your emails later.

Rule #3: Consistency

Building on the notion of tailoring specific emails after specifying the target audience.
capitalizing on analytics to know each detail about them that will surely count.
here comes the consistency to wrap it all up.

What does consistency mean? Simply we might focus on tailoring one or two emails that we might think is enough for our customers.
ATTENTION! This is merely a trap.
Some Marketers may think that it is no problem that some emails can go untailored.
For example, the transactional emails, like purchasing receipts.
confirmations, shipping notifications and password resets.
These types of emails encourage customers to open the email automatically as they are of high importance.
they are stuffed with the information they actually need to complete their transaction.

Open rates for transactional emails are 4-8x higher than traditional emails.
So, focusing on beautifying and tailoring those emails will open up new opportunities and will have an echo directly heard and easily recognized on the sales revenue sheets

What’s the Bottom Line?

Email Marketing is one of the most crucial tools that pays off massively when used effectively and according to the new marketing trends and what so-called “E-mail Marketing etiquette”.
Summing up the etiquette into 3 capsules which are the main rules that should be reviewed by any marketer before clicking the send button! The first rule is mainly about how relevant your emails Should be.
Your bulk of emails should be specific, hitting certain audience.
they should also be so catchy which is mainly about choosing a suitable subject line that triggers audience to open your emails in the first place.
Emails should serve a cause, giving some special.
unique and most importantly useful piece of information for the audience or else they will automatically delete it without bothering skimming through it.


Relevancy is reached only when the second rule is applied, which is all about researching, gathering data and analyzing your target market.
segmenting them to depend on actual numbers.
not just ordinary guessing or some fictional predictions that almost doesn’t reflect any truth about the real picture.

Final Rule to be applied before hitting the send button of your relevant email.
is making sure it is always relevant, each and every time!
No Matter how insignificant the email might seem, you should always make sure to have a worthy content.
catchy and specially tailored to your customer, and that’s what we call “Consistency at its’ best”

Now … What? You got excited about email marketing.
know all its rules, thinking to yourself “I am a marketing Guru!”.
But then again, you still don’t know where to find your list of customers segmented for you.
when it is the perfect timing to hit the send button.
and what are the catchy phrases that you should put on your subject line? Don’t worry! We get your back buddy!.

Using our efficient segmenting and marketing automation tools.
you can instantly have your customer base segmented and send personalized and targeted email campaigns to your segmented database using our ready-made email templates.
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Email Marketing Rules