PageFly Advanced Page Builder by Pagefly


PageFly is a powerful page builder with drag-and-drop system and designed for conversion rate optimization of your store. Also, With PageFly you can build home page, product page, collection page, landing page, sales page, about us page, contact us page, and other.

The App can solve the problem with conversion rate optimization (CRO) by allowing you to customize your Shopify store. So, with 50 ready to use Shopify page templates and intuitive drag and drop system, you can achieve your goals fast and save time. And much more.

Highlight features

  • Provide the pre-designed themes
  • Easy to import/export page to re-use
  • Create the quality content with multiple tools such as custom code editor, icons, etc
  • Integrate with Google Analytics and Google Ads
  • Support product with countdown, product list

Price: Free plan available. 14-day free trial.

Rating: 1904 – 4.9 / 5

Under Construction Coming Soon by Identix web


Under construction is a powerful page builder app with the drag-and-drop option which designed for conversion rate optimization of your coming soon page. Also,

Coming soon page is a great apparatus to demonstrate the site visitors that you are dealing with your site for improving it. As well as,

The Under-Development page enables you to make a Landing page for your site essentially and rapidly. So, you simply need to empower the web application to change your site to Maintenance mode.

Integrates with mailchamp, klaviyo

Highlight features

  • Provide multiple timer types for a countdown
  • Support to optimize the speed
  • Can set own custom pre-loader icon
  • Have high security for password
  • Support quick and easy installation

Price: $6.99/month. 3-day free trial.

Rating: 109 – 4.4 / 5

Coming Soon by Sovi Apps


They’ve worked and learned from the fine folks at Shopify and created this app to serve the growing community of amazing merchants that need an easy to customize under construction page while updating/editing their online stores.

Promoting your brand and building awareness are key to the success of your company. So, don’t let your store sit idly by for the lengthy development process, put it to work and give your company a running start with the Coming Soon app.

Simple and flexible, the Coming Soon app works with any Shopify theme you have installed. So, anyone who isn’t logged into your site will see the coming soon page, while you or any other logged-in staffers can access the site as normal and do not see the coming soon page which allows you to work on your changes or content.

Integrates with Mailchimp, Klavyio,, Youtube, Vimeo

Highlight features

  • Grow the number of audiences
  • Increase customer awareness
  • Increase customer awareness
  • Create quick and easy coming soon pages
  • 5-minute setup

Price: $14.99/month. 3-day free trial.

Rating: 107 – 4.7 / 5

Pre‑launcher / Coming soon by OnltrApp


Pre-launcher is an application that allows you to set up a beautiful coming soon page where you can inform customers about your store before it starts. Also, you will be able to attract customers and collect feedback information before the full launch of the store. 

Also, the application allows you to close access to the store to customers at the time of technical work, and giving basic information about the store. 

The application works for customers who use a modern browser and have JavaScript enabled. Hence, this is the vast majority of customers, and from them the application allows you to close access to the shop, but it will not close access from customers who disabled JavaScript or who are trying to trick.

If this is important to you, or if your site contains important and sensitive information, do not use their application, use the default Password page.

Highlight features

  • Can add subscription form
  • Support to configure the countdown time
  • Can adjust headline and sub-heading
  • Feel free to add your logo
  • Can select the font for your brands

Price: $2.99/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 67 – 4.8 / 5

Simple Coming Soon by Kad systems


Sometimes you have to update sites, sometimes recreate new ones. And at this time the site does not work fully, and they know how hard it is not to lose and explain to customers the situation.

By displaying a stylish coming soon landing page they made sure, that your business will never miss out on the opportunity to grow brand awareness. So, an attractive coming soon page helps you generate interest and intrigue as you work on your website behind the scenes. 

If you want to get the word out that your fantastic new site is about to launch, a coming soon landing page is a must have. With ‘Simple Coming Soon’, you’ll have an actual webstore link to share with your followers and fans.

Highlight features

  • No programming skills required
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Keep in touch with customers
  • Easy to set up
  • Great customer support service

Price: From $5.99/month. 3-day free trial.

Rating: 42 – 4.8 / 5

Coming Soon Products Preorders by Gravity software ltd


The App helps you to create Pre-Order and Coming Soon Products. The Pre-Order Product option allows your customer to order a product before that product is available in your store.

When you apply this option, your Add To Cart button will be changed to Pre Order Now automatically. Also, in the cart view, a product can be labeled as Available from: MM/DD/YYYY, and you can customize this label to suit your need.

The second option is Coming Soon Product. If you choose this one, instead of Add To Cart button, this type of product will be displayed as Coming Soon.

You can optionally add the label Available from: MM/DD/YYYY and customize it for your needs. After you have selected a purchasing date, the product will automatically become available for purchase on that date.

It only takes you 10 second to install this app, search for some products and you can enable one of two product options. So, what are you waiting? Install now to experience these amazing features.

Highlight features

  • Create PreOrder and Coming Soon products. Process backorders.
  • 10-second installing
  • Create Pre-order products
  • Create Coming soon products
  • Fully Customizable
  • Excellent and fast customer service

Price: $9.99/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 32 – 4.7 / 5

Coming Soon Under Construction by Leadslide


If you want to create a landing page for your online store before you even launch your full site, then you have to check out Coming Soon Under Construction. 

This Shopify app allows you to easily build a single page website to publicize your shop before it opens, and it lets you include a countdown timer, a MailChimp email collection form, social media icons with links to your profiles, custom backgrounds, your company logo, and more.

Highlight features

  • Collect emails
  • Promote your store on Social media
  • Create and customize Coming Soon page
  • Set countdown time
  • View and build your store at the same time

Price: $7/month. 2-day free trial.

Rating: 8 – 3.3 / 5

How Revamp ranks 7 best Shopify Coming Soon apps list


These above 7 best Shopify Coming Soon apps are ranked based on the following criterias:

  • The ratings on Shopify App store
  • The app’s rank on search engines
  • The prices and features
  • The app provider’s reputation
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +
  • Reviews and assessment by Revamp

The list of the 7 best Shopify Coming Soon apps is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. so, please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this app review.

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