If you’re migrating to Shopify from another eCommerce site, you can easily import your product in a CSV file. Shopify will extract data from your CSV file and turn them into products in your shop. Shopify Tutorial Import Products in Shopify

Watch the following video and learn how to import your CSV file: Shopify Tutorial Import Products in Shopify



Do you have an e-commerce store currently, but on a different platform?

Shopify makes your life easier by doing the legwork for you. It would be such a bummer to have to add products one by one, but thanks to Shopify’s system you only need a CSV file.

Shopify extracts data from your file and creates the product listing for you.  It would be a good idea to review our section on CSV file and formatting before you dive in. But, if you feel comfortable, go ahead and dig right in.

Import Products from Another Store

Step #1: Go to your Shopify Admin and click “Products

Step #2: Click “Product List

Step #3: If your Shopify store does not have any products yet, click “Import” link at the center of the page

Step #4: If your Shopify store already has some products in the products section, click “Import

Step #5: You will be prompted to import your product CSV. Click “Need to import products from another platform

Step #6: Upload your CSV file then click “Start Import
Once done your products listed on your CSV is successfully imported.


Import Products After Making Changes to Your CSV File

Step #1: If your file is incompatible, download “CSV Template” to pattern its format and match the import requirement.
Once you have prepared a CSV matching with the Shopify format, you are all set to import it in your Shopify store. You can also view the sample Shopify CSV to match your product CSV with it.

a) From your products list, click “Import

b) Click “sample CSV template” to download the sample CSV


Once your Shopify-accepted format CSV like the initial instruction above.

You will receive an email from Shopify if you have uploaded the CSV file successfully. Letting Shopify do the work for you saves you tons of time. For any issues you may have uploading your file, refer to our previous section on formatting a CSV file.

Happy importing!

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