PipelineDeals CRM FREE Alternative with Unlimited Contacts and Deals

Revamp CRM is a great PipelineDeals CRM alternative and it comes with a FREE plan. Our CRM enables you to import your unlimited Contacts from more than 24 different apps and tools. Revamp CRM fit the CRM to your processes to help keep your data clean and actionable through using powerful CRM, Sales and Marketing Automation features




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CRM Features

Dynamic Segments

Pre-built Segments 



Sales Follow-up Reminders

Smart Email

Custom Fields

Lead Clipper



Email Marketing

Pre-built Templates

Pre-built Marketing Automation

eCommerce Email Marketing


Google Apps Integration

Gmail Gadget

Google Contacts

Google Calendar

Google Drive



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Two-way syncing

Revamp CRM

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Two-Way Syncing





 Revamp CRM Advantages

CRM Features

  • FREE Plan.
  • Unlimited Contacts, Organizations and Deals. 
  • Automatic sync from more than 24 apps and tools.
  • Built-in Invoicing and Ticketing systems.
  • Marketing and Segmentation tools
  • Detailed Sales Reports

Contacts Management

  • Actionable Contacts View.
  • Add and assign tasks to team members.
  • 360 Contact Profile with all tickets, invoices, email history and more in one place. 
  • An easy user interface to follow-up with contacts.
  • A list of advanced Smart filters to easily access the right data. 
  • Tags across your filters and deals to easily filter and group your data.
  • Sync summary to manage your integrations from the Contact page

Lead Management


  •  Actionable Dashboard view to help you complete your follow-up tasks and send emails with one click
  • Receive a daily email with tasks lists. 
  • Add reminders to your tasks when a deal passes its expected closure date & when an invoice is overdue
  • Add an unassigned task and let your team members decide

Sales Management

  • Visual Sales Pipeline.
  • You can Add Task, Send Email, Edit Deal and more actions without leaving the pipeline.
  • Smart Filters for your Deals to customize your view.
  • Deal’s Dashboard to help you know where do you stand.

Smart Email

  • Smart BCC Email to Collect all your conversation in your Deal or Contact profile
  • Add personalized dynamic tags
  • Send a test email to view how your email would look like in customer’s email box

Email Marketing


Sales Reports

  • Sales by User: to manage Sales team performance.
  • Sales by Source: to identify your hotspots.
  • Sales by Region: identify your top origins
  • Sales by Product:  Discover your top products
  • Sales Funnel: have a summary of your Sales Reports in one place


 We integrate with more than 24 apps and tools like MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, Zendesk and much more

Google Apps Integration

  •  Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Calendar and Gmail integration
  • Gmail Plug-in

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You don’t want to experience the regret associated with spending time, money and resources to implement the wrong tool for your business. Revamp CRM is a great PipelineDeals alternative, it also comes with a FREE plan and 14 days free trial. Don’t worry we will not ask you about your credit card.

Our PipelineDeals alternative made for small business to save you money and time of training people. Revamp CRM gives you access to great support team. But you might not even need it. Try it here today for FREE