Not all of your company’s customers and prospects fit the same mold. They might vary in their business needs, and products or, if your company is supporting diffrent segments of the audience then you might be looking to create multiple options to fit your need.  Multi-Currencies Multi-Pipelines

1) Multiple Currencies: The multi-currency support allows you to handle your business dealings anywhere in the global marketplace.
Now international clients won’t find it a problem anymore to use their currencies and vendors,then
Multi-Currency will simplify international buying and selling. so,
The multi-currency system in which each system structure record (Deal, Invoice, etc.) or custom structure record can be
displayed in their own transaction currency. so,
if you want to set your deals with different currencies based on customer geographical locations so
that you deal with each customer based on their local currency without the spat of currency exchange.
Multi-Currencies Multi-Pipelines

2) Multiple Languages: Revamp CRM supports several International languages. so, For now
we have translated our CRM into the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Arabic

3) Multiple Pipeline : In companies that offer multiple products, work in international markets
or simply have Different pipelines (e.g. new customer vs. Upsell), usually, sales reps need the flexibility to perform
and track each sales processes. so,
With today’s update, Revamp now allows your sales team with the ability to create multiple deal pipelines.
Revamp offers you four different views for your deals; Pipeline, Timeline, list, and Dashboard. so,
This view update enables sales teams to work more efficiently
and to customize their processes around the needs of their buyers.

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