Holiday season is a happy season. Especially for your business! Everyone’s ready to buy and you’re ready to sell. But it won’t do you any good to make offers and promotions if you haven’t reached any customers. Because we know that automated emails comprise a huge chunk of your go-to holiday marketing strategy, we’ve brought you our list of the perfect email marketing holiday tactics for a happy online business. Email Marketing Tips

  1. The holidays start early for eCommerce retailers 


Planning is the core of any marketing campaign. This is especially true for the holiday season. Plan your email campaigns over a stretch of time and a good few weeks before the actual holiday. Starting promotions early is important for you to be able to understand the direction of demand and cope with it as fast as you can. It gives you enough space to manage all the incoming requests, stock stress, shipping times and helps minimize deadline pressures as much as possible.

The timing of your emails is just as important as the corresponding day. According to the studies, 10 am and 2 pm seem to be the most convenient times for customers to check their emails and consider a business promotion. Schedule your emails so that you catch a customer at a slower time of day in the office so they can browse your store for gifts. And since you’re starting the promotions a few weeks before the holiday, customers’ browsing histories will serve your campaign in the next couple of weeks. Which brings us to our next tip.

Pro tip:

By starting preparing for the Holidays season, you can plan to send multiple emails and include product recommendations. Revamp CRM product recommendations feature can help you better tailor your messages to the right segment. You’ll be able to send customers up-sell and cross-sell messages in few clicks. back in 2006 Amazon, reported that 35% of its revenues were as a direct result of its cross-selling and up-selling efforts. Email Marketing Tips



  1. Re-segment customers in the holiday season


Segmentation is incredibly beneficial to ensure that you’re delivering the right message to the right customers. But segments’ preferences in the holiday seasons can be a tad different since people are shopping for others rather than themselves. Your best option is to create new segments based on previous holiday seasons. If your shop history doesn’t go that far back, you can always use your campaign’s browsing history as a reference – further reason as to why you should start promotions early. If all that doesn’t cut it, you can always just use each user’s existing data. Here are a few ideas on how to segment the market:

  • Member activity (inactive vs active)
  • Last purchase date
  • Last email-click
  • How much they spend
  • Product category of interest

Segmentation allows you to change the frequency and content of your emails to ensure that customers are receiving relevant and noteworthy suggestions. This way you can choose whether to offer discount coupons, bulk deals or offer a holiday theme gift. Maybe the most important feature of any email marketing strategy is the product recommendation. This guarantees that not only is each segment being targeted efficiently, but each customer is finding exactly what they’re looking for.

Pro tip:

 Once you connect your online store to Revamp CRM, all your customers database will get segmented automatically based on their shopping behavior, how much money have they spent, and even better how many products or orders have they purchased from you. Revamp CRM also allows you to create new segments in seconds and takes into consideration demographics as well as product preferences.

You can use our product recommendations smart engine to send the right message to each segment. With our Segmentation, Email Marketing and Marketing Automation you’ll be able to automate your emails to reach certain segments and the best thing is that all your messages are personalized for each customer not segment.


  1. Keep it Short & Catchy



Most people spend less than 15 seconds reading marketing emails. It won’t matter how many people you’ve reached or if you’ve sent each one the most perfectly targeted email. The content and design of your email is the ultimate deal breaker to whether you’ll be able to capture a customer through the email. So how can you spice up your emails?


First of all, customize it. Customize it for both the holidays and the customer. Change up the themes, colors or font. This tiny festive addition will go a long way for customer engagement. A great way to change emails is by breaking the routine of writing emails and show instead. This can be in the form of a picture or even a video. This allows customers to take a break from skimming written content and will get across your message even better since it uses visual and audio aids.

If you do choose to use written content, focus on one clear message and keep it as short as possible. Utilize headings, bullets and divide it into sections, prioritizing content from top to bottom. Customers get overwhelmed with holiday season offers, thus short, attractive emails will be more memorable in the flood of emails customers receive.

Pro tip:

 Revamp CRM provides beautifully pre-designed templates so you can create your upcoming Holidays campaigns in few minutes. Sign up for FREE for 30 days and enjoy our immediate Segmentation, Email Marketing and Marketing Automation features. Email Marketing Tips

The holiday season’s email marketing campaigns can be overwhelming even for businesses; Revamp CRM makes it simple. Our automated email marketing software caters to each one of your segments. Using our sales insights, you can better identify each segment’s preferences and product recommendations, activity and the click-response your emails are getting. We help you tailor each holiday marketing campaign with our pre-designed email templates too.  Revamp CRM guarantees your business a happy holiday!

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