Improving your search rankings can have a great impact on your sales, and you can easily achieve that by completing your product description, title, images and more. Shopify Tutorial Edit Search Engine Listing

This is how you become friends with Google and other search engines. And believe me, the reward is amazing.


Here’s you can improve your search engine listing preview for a product: Shopify Tutorial Edit Search Engine Listing


You want to make your store a satisfying experience for your customers. Adding a description that is tailored to your product will accomplish this, and will also improve your search rankings.

Google engines are concerned with meaningful search results for their users, and they take product descriptions seriously.

It is a place where you might want to invest a little more time into developing, as the rewards may be profitable.

Step #1: Go to your Shopify Admin account and click on “Products”:

Step #2: To edit already existing information, click on any previously added product:

Step #3: Scroll down to locate “Search engine listing preview”:

Step #4: Click on “Edit website SEO”:

Step #5: Enter the “Page title” (70 characters maximum):

Step #6: Enter the “Meta description” (320 characters maximum):

Step #7: Enter the “URL and handle” without spaces

Remember, adding a thoughtful Product SEO description can enrich your customer’s experience and bump up your search results.

The page title, meta description, and URL and handle are sources for fresh content to attract users through Google and Bing search engines.

However, adding the same meta description for similar products can hurt your search results, so breathe, take your time and start writing.


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