Soundest Alternative with Unlimited Contacts and Deals

Revamp CRM is a great Soundest Alternative and it comes with a FREE plan. Our CRM enables you to import your unlimited Contacts from more than 80 different apps and tools. Revamp CRM is a full featured Sales and eCommerce CRM for businesses of all sizes. Track Activities, Deals and Orders. Manage, Segment and Email your Customers and Leads. Create workflows and do much more.

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Contacts Management

Amidst all the Soundest Alternative, It allows a complete 360-degree view of the customer’s journey (from nurturing to purchase) under one system. To add to this, it’s affordability ensures that any business can opt for this product Actionable Contacts View with a smart filter to help you slice and dice your contacts. 

Soundest  Revamp CRM
Unlimited records
Email marketing
Custom fields
Tasks & Calendar

Lead Management

Revamp CRM offers easy lead management with its efficient features such as different contact stages, lead scoring based on lead behavior and ability to add custom fields for expanding your fields, get custom leader boards of various reps and more such functionalities. besides the Chrome Lead Clipper which allows you to add potential customers to your CRM directly.

Soundest  Revamp CRM
Lead Clipper
Gmail Extension
Contact stages
Lead Score


Visual Sales pipeline

Revamp CRM offers a visual & drag and drop sales pipelines, where Soundest Alternative lacks it. Revamp CRM also offers multi-pipelines support to support your different sales processes for different products and service. However, Soundest Alternative doesn’t offer that visual presentation. Both offer decent deals management and reports. 

Deals Management & Reports

Revamp CRM’s Sales Follow up is more competitive when compared to Soundest Alternative as it offers features such as, Dynamic Segments. Deals to customize your view aside from the quick actions you can do such as Add Task, Send Email, Edit Deal and more actions without leaving the pipeline.

Soundest  Revamp CRM
Visual Sales pipeline
Sales Reports
Sales Funnel
Multiple Pipelines
Multiple Currency
User roles

Email integrations 

Revamp CRM tightly integrates with Gmail with a dedicated extension, but Soundest Alternative doesn’t offer such extension. Both Revamp CRM and Soundest Alternative can send email directly from the CRM. You can also use your any popular email client, and keep a copy of of your sent and received emails in both CRMs. Emails could be sent or forwarded (and attached) to a specific contact, deal or even converted to a task. 

Email Marketing & Automation

This is where Revamp CRM shines over Soundest Alternative with its email marketing capabilities that don’t exist in Soundest Alternative. You can send or Schedule Newsletters with our easy to use email builder. Use Dynamic tags to personalize your emails. Be an expert in Email Marketing Automation, and setup drip email campaigns to nurture your leads. Monitor Email Performance with Insightful metrics on open, click, bounced, unsubscribed rate and more.

Soundest  Revamp CRM
Email Marketing Automation
Email templates
Email Campaigns
Email Personalization
Email Tracking
Email integration

Intelligent Automated Workflows 

Eliminate your manual day to day tasks and focus on closing more deals by using workflow automation from Revamp CRM. Nurture relationships with your loyal customers, let your CRM automte your manual tasks for you & your sales team to get more business closures. 


Revamp CRM uniquely offers tight integration with Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce, where all customers, orders, products and categories are synced in real-time to Revamp CRM. Enabling you to segment customers based on their shopping behaviour. Therefore, have better follow-up either through your team members or via automted email campaigns. Revamp CRM also offres detailed Store Analytics for a precise overview of all of your sales, sales channels, products, customers and Ad Campaigns. Soundest Alternative doesn’t offer that at all.

Mobile & Productivity tools

Revamp CRM & Soundest Alternative offer mobile app for Android & IOS,  makes you always stay on top of your sales pipeline. All changes are instantly synced to Revamp CRM web app. You can also view your contacts and their details in offline mode (not supported in Soundest Alternative). It helps you focus on the right contacts and gives you more control over your sales results.

Integrations & API

Above all, you can connect 80+ of your Favorite Apps to Revamp CRM. As a result this makes running your business even easier and integrate Revamp CRM with your apps from eCommerce, Live Chat, Web Forms, Invoicing, Payments, Scheduling, Productivity tools and more. You can check all available integrations here. Soundest Alternative offers integrations with popular apps. Revamp CRM & Soundest Alternative offers an extensive API library for your needs.


Award winning CRM for sales, marketing, and eCommerce with more than one award as FinancesOnline Expert’s Choice Award as well as the Great User Experience Award compatible for all business sizes. It allows users to create workflows, manage customers and leads and track activities, deals, and orders.

Revamp CRM is a great Soundest Alternative, it also comes with a FREE plan and 14 days of trial. With no credit card required.

Our Soundest Alternative made for small business to save you money and time of training people.Revamp CRM gives you access to great support team. But you might not even need it.Try it here today for FREE