In such a competitive business, selling insurance comes with its own unique set of challenges. Insurance Agents challenges

The obstacles are many, but knowledge is power. Following are the most significant challenges that independent insurance agents face, along with suggestions on how to overcome them. Read on: 


Challenge 1:
You always need to create bonds with your clients to let them become your long term clients

Our Solution:
Get a complete picture of every contact with our dynamic contact profile.

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Challenge 2:
Segmenting your customers and understanding the needs, behaviours and profitability of each segment

Our Solution:
Use our Lists to separate your clients from your warm or cold leads, it will also remind you to make a contact at the right time.

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Challenge 3:
You need to go hand in hand with the insurer who wants to be able to trust you and build long term relationships

Our Solution:
Use our deal pipeline view to have a clear overview of your sales’ stages,  drag and drop to move them forward.

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insurance 4

Challenge 4:
You need to track sales to ensure that you’re capitalizing on opportunities and your time & money are spent efficiently

Our Solution:
We optimize your sales and recording your past success and failures to offer you insights into the path that work best for you.

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Challenge 5:
Making the customer feel valued after he has purchased and before the renewal comes up.

Our Solution:
Automated workflows help you set off a customized sequence of actions. Whether it’s a renewal reminder or after sales follow up, we will do the work for you.


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