Effective Meetings: Each month many of us waste their time in unproductive meetings, you get to the point that you start suffering to keep your eyes opened during meetings, minutes start feeling like hours until you find yourself completely out of focus.
That’s why we’ve developed a framework of 9 tips to ensure every meeting is effective and not a time waster.Effective Meetings

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1- Set a clear agenda ahead of time

Circulating a clear agenda in advance will help attendees prepare for it.

2- Assign a Meeting Leader

Pick a meeting leader who will keep the meeting on track.

3- Try Going Device Free

Try going device free during meetings to put distractions to one side.

4- Keep Meetings Between 4-7 People

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

5- Adopt the Swiss Trains Approach

Try settings very specific time and duration for meetings as if they were departing trains.

6- Save Updates for Emails

If updates can be done via email then avoid meetings.

7- Take it Outside

If there’s no paperwork involved, why not have a walk-and-talk meeting outside.

8- Keep Meetings As Short As Possible

People tend to focus more in short meetings.

9- Use The Last  Minutes To Recap

To move forward make sure everyone is onboard and understand their own action points.

Source: Entrepreneur.com


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