Entrepreneurs happen to work more than 60 hours a week, their days are always crowded with To-do lists, meetings, phone calls, and EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS! Increase Productivity

Here are 12 Tips for Time Management that will help busy entrepreneurs manage their days better and always enjoy a productive weeks.

1-    Do the hardest thing first, every single morning.

When you start your workday, tackle the task you find the most difficult to do or are most likely to procrastinate on. When we postpone those kind of tasks till later in the day, we often get stressed about them and keep postponing them.

Thanh Pham

2-    When you find yourself avoiding a task it’s usually because you’re unclear about what needs to happen next.

It’s usually one of 3 things—find out, decide, or do. Do you need more information, make a choice, or take an action. Look at your resistance through the find out, decide, or do lens and it’ll move you forward. Increase Productivity

Liz Summer

3-    Have a productivity routine that you religiously follow daily. For example:

  1. Workout – 4:30am
  2. Create list of top 5 to-dos for the day – 7:00am
  3. Work uninterrupted for 50 minutes, then break for 10 minutes – several times per day
  4. Don’t leave the email tab open

Josh Coffy

4-    At the start of the day, ask yourself: by the time the day is done, what three things will you want to have accomplished?

It’s a simple tactic—almost stupidly so—but hardly anything else will help you work more intentionally.

Chris Bailey

5-   Apply the 80/20 rule.

Apply the 80/20 rule and eliminate your least productive activities. Doing this allows you to be productive without being busy. But first you need to have clarity regarding your priorities and the willingness to let go of some opportunities.

Donald Latumahina

6-    Don’t hyperschedule yourself.

Use your calendar for big blocks of time chunks – such as daily themes or weekly project sprints during a consistent time period (i.e. writing your book from 5 am – 8 am every weekday) instead of allocating every minute of the day with something specific.

Mike Vardy

7-   Manage your cognitive load.

Manage your cognitive load so that you don’t have to “keep remembering things”. To do that, I use SaneBox to reduce my email load, then I document everything I sense is important in Evernote. Increase Productivity

Rodolphe Dutel

8-    Outsource Everything
Hire a virtual assistant and outsource everything you shouldn’t be doing yourself.

Ari Meisel

9-  Focus
Focus. Consider what your top impact activities are and build your day around them. Don’t let other distractions and enticing opportunities dictate your day.

Ann Gomez

10- Stop waiting for the perfect time…. there isn’t one.

Most entrepreneurs never really start. And most business ideas end before they ever truly begin. Stop waiting for the perfect product… launch with a minimal one.
Stop waiting for someday… it will never come.

Craig Jarrow

11- “Just-in-time-learning” changed everything for me.

That is, I only consume content related directly to the next task I have in the current project I’m working on. Blog posts, podcast episodes, videos—they must help me with completing that next task on my priority list, or else it doesn’t deserve my attention…at this moment.

Pat Flynn


12-  Know your personal and professional priorities and plan your priorities in your calendar.

Everything else needs to fit around them or be dropped.

Elizabeth Grace

Source: Shopify Blog: https://www.shopify.com/blog/120436229-time-management-tips

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