With everything evolving in a very fast pace, Facebook has made huge steps in the eCommerce world with its new Buy Buttons and Store pages. but Facebook ads remains as the easiest yet most powerful tool you can use to advertise for your eCommerce business.  Facebook Ads eCommerce

Let’s discover the 6 ads you need to start today to keep your customers coming back to your online store

  1. Lead Generation Ads

With this ad unit, your prospects can sign up for an email list (among other things) with about as much effort as it takes to like or share a post.

  1. Dynamic Product Ads

When someone visits your site and then logs into Facebook, they will see an ad that features the same products they work looking at on your website.

  1. Abandoned Cart Ads

These ads typically offer an incentive, such as free shipping or 10% off, if the person returns to complete their purchase.

  1. Customer Thank You Ads

For two days post-purchase, new customers can see an ad of your brand thanking them for their business. It will generate more engagement and organic reach per impression.

  1. Existing Customer New Product Ads

New product announcement ad should be targeting your existing customers. Everyone wants to feel important and valued! That’s why you need to show appreciation and offer an exclusive reward.

  1. New Traffic Generation Ads

It’s always a good idea to have a Facebook campaign driving potential new customers to your store. I call this type of campaign a first touch point ad


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