YouTube for business and online retailers can be a huge traffic generator, it gives you the chance to show the world what your brand is all about; LIVE! YouTube Marketing Improve Your eCommerce Sales

Whether you need to create YouTube videos for marketing your brand, review your products, or even give tips and tricks to your audience. You need to do it right. YouTube Marketing Improve Your eCommerce Sales

Follow the below 7  Tips to create YouTube marketing videos and increase your views. 

  1. Shoot Short Videos


YouTube videos under 2 minutes in length get almost 50% of all views.


  1. Create a Branded Channel


Not only does it look more professional for a video to be coming from an account with your store name (rather than, say, frednelson86), you’ll have a more active web presence.


  1. Be Consistent With Content Production


If you choose to do YouTube marketing, it’s best to be committed to the long term. Think carefully whether you can commit to posting regular content, and then come up with a multi-pronged strategy to engage viewers.


  1. Use Analytics to Understand What Works


YouTube provides a wealth of data on your video performance. Take full advantage of it. The data is nearly comprehensive enough for you to know exactly what works and what doesn’t work.


  1. Use Annotations to Keep And Engage Your Audience


Annotations are a YouTube feature that let you put text and links over your videos. These can be appeals to subscribe, or links outside of YouTube. Used properly, annotations can give you a boost in subscriptions.


  1. Advertise with AdWords


You’re able to advertise on three domains: as a pre-roll ad before the videos that people watch; as a banner ad when you’re browsing the web; or as a promoted video when people search for similar videos on YouTube.


  1. Regular Tricks Still Apply


Treat your videos as you would a blog post, and propagate it through all your channels. So: tweet it, Facebook it, and blog about it. Don’t expect it to go viral, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t actively promote it.


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