The email newsletter is, in fact, a very handy method to reach your audience and deliver targeted messages. Typically, retailers send about two to five eCommerce newsletter emails a month, which infers that e-marketers create dozens of emails each year and most retailers have separate teams devoted to their function. But why? Because 89% of marketers say email newsletters are their biggest lead driver! Effective eCommerce Newsletters

Today, it goes without saying that eCommerce newsletter campaigns make a great difference. However, it’s not enough to just send them. They have to be engaging, or else they will be sent to the spam folder or you’ll have customers unsubscribe completely.

An email newsletter is yet one of the most efficient marketing tools, which if mastered can help you engage your customers with great content and win their loyalty to your brand. Once a customer signs in to a newsletter, it keeps coming to their inbox unless they choose to unsubscribe, so it’s one clever way to market your business.  According to a National Client Email Report, 68% of marketers agree that e-newsletters are the best proven method to achieve their business goals, up from. They could be used to inform, educate, engage and influence your audience. Effective eCommerce Newsletters

To ease the process for you, we have combined the best and easiest ways to win the e-commerce newsletter!

1- Write Creative Subject Lines

Your subject lines should be crafted in a way that they clearly tell the audience what’s in there, as well as capture their attention and instantly draw them in. For example, gave a clever touch to this subject line: “Small wonders: 5 tips for saving space”. Instead of going straight to the info, they made sure to catch the reader’s eye with something special, which is a proven way to encourage the readers to open the email and see what’s in it.

2- Motivate Your Customers with Innovative Ideas

Let’s say, for example, that your store sells craft supplies. Instead of just selling your products and offering discounts and promotions, you need to inspire your customers with things they will feel like they just “have” to try and make! Give them more reason to “need” your products. In addition to offering creative ideas, you can also deliver full tutorials for making them, what they need to buy (including links to those items on your site), and 24-hour support for the How-to’s and DIYs, for example.

3- Use a Friendly Tone

Everyone hates reading robotic emails. Your email could be full of interesting information, but once you mess up the tone, bam, it’s all wasted! Customer surveys show that newsletters with a “conversational” tone, interacting with the readers more, are the most guaranteed to be read from beginning to end. The tone of your emails will play a major role in keeping your customers interested in and engaging with your brand. Effective eCommerce Newsletters

4- Make the Most Out of Holidays and Seasons

A smart way to keep your customers interested in your brand is to regularly send discount emails under subject lines with either a percentage or dollar amount off. Companies that do this say that seasonal or event-triggers are very effective tools to get readers to click.

For clothing, consumers are more likely to purchase during the changing of seasons or before a special event like a holiday or a party. As a case in point, J.Crew sent several newsletters at the turn from summer to fall with the season as a focal point. Clever subject line is: “Weather says, it’s time for a new coat.”

5- Send Weekly Offers and Deals

Make use of weekly emails to give offers and deals for services or products that your customers may not have heard of yet. It makes a difference when buyers get informed about new items to buy in this exclusive way.

6- Add a “Just for You” Section

Of all those pretty exciting tactics for winning the email newsletter, this is perhaps the most effective. Personalizing products of interest for your customers really does make a great favor to your business. Not only do they get informed about new products “that they’re interested in,” but your chances of getting them to purchase according to this tailored personalization are quite high, too! According to research, adding recommendations in emails can lead to a 25% increase in sales and a 35% increase in click-through rates. So if you’re aiming at some extra smart sales, make sure to apply the “Recommended for you” tactic to your email newsletters.
What’s the bottom line?

There are certain aspects that contribute to the highest email click-through rates, the most significant of which are relevancy, urgency, personalization, and the smart touch of attraction.

Now we have good news for you here! You won’t have to do any of that. Using our efficient segmenting and marketing automation tools, you can instantly have your customer base segmented and send personalized and targeted email campaigns to your segmented database using our ready-made email templates.

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