Perhaps you’re wondering, why is customer service critical to the success of my eCommerce business? Improve Store’s Customer Service

Well, think about that: if you haven’t got a professional team to handle your company issues in stores, instantly resolve any problems your clients might face, handle payments, order fulfillment, and ensure their satisfaction with your online store shopping experience and overall service, how do you imagine running a business smoothly?

The inevitability of frequent customer issues is definite, which shouldn’t be your concern whatsoever. In order not to have to stress over customer dissatisfaction, you just need a superb customer support plan.

Foremost, customer service is important to an organization because it’s usually the only contact a customer has with a company. Some customers spend hundreds and even thousands per year with a company. Therefore, when they have an inquiry or product issue, they must expect a company’s customer service department to (a) care, and (b) resolve their issues.

In fact, a good customer service is what identifies a company from its competitors. The power of customer satisfaction makes miracles on that account—in that customers could even boycott a certain company which sells excellent products just because it has an unprofessional customer service team. Improve Store’s Customer Service

So what we can conclude from all that is that you have got to find your best way to handle customers. How can CRM help me with that, though?

How Revamp CRM can help improve your customer service

A CRM basically collects customer information to be organized for a promising customer relationship. It also includes Sales insights and Reports; and if you’re lucky, you can engage with customers through emails from within your CRM.

Well, Revamp CRM does all that and more. It segments your data base automatically, Gives you a 360 Contact profile where all contact related data can be visible and are organized in one place. Including your customer’s Tickets, Orders, History, Location, Spendings, and much moreSeveral functions use this information for different purposes. First of all,

Several functions use this information for different purposes. First of all, customer service. Regardless of the medium the customer uses, sales and service staff should instantly identify an individual’s basic background information (like location, account history, recent purchases, and payment & fulfillment status.)

Then comes Segmentation. The cool thing about Segmentation in Revamp CRM that it gets done automatically. There is no need to configure 1,000 steps so you can have your data-base segmented and organized in real-time view.

And lastly, Marketing Automation:  Revamp CRM use customer information and purchasing data to guide the email marketing automation, in addition to improving service efforts.

Now, talking about your tips and tricks to win it, here are 3 easy ways to improve your store’s customer service through CRM:

  1. Customer support software requires efficient use of Smart Tags and Filters – a way to tag similar support tickets with keywords and common elements to group them together for easier segmentation and better support. In this way, you can turn your focus first onto the subject with the most tags, then the next, then the next, methodically.

Certainly, you’re at your safest when you quickly and smoothly clear your tickets as efficiently as possible. Here is where the smart filters and advanced searches come in handy. For instance, if a customer service rep runs into an issue or wants to check how another rep dealt with that specific issue, he/she can easily click the tag and use smart filtering within the tagged tickets. This saves a great deal of time and facilitates the process. Tickets view also allow you to check patterns and trends—through which you can take practical steps to help your customers before their issues even turn into tickets. They play a great role with the sales and marketing teams, since they could easily identify the trending issues and tags and do their work accordingly.

Important Note: Make sure you make all your features clear to your customers and subscribers through simple step-by-step e-mails to ensure aimed quality.

  1. Follow-up Reminders help you keep in touch with each segment of customers. Segmenting surely assists this whole process of follow-up and allows the team to section each group (urgent tickets, tickets about a certain issue, and so forth) for more efficient communication and problem-solving.
  2. In addition, Adding Segments to Email Automation can notably save you lots of time and effort and help for sending compensation coupons through ready-made automated emails to specific customers with issues—in order to boost customer satisfaction.

This takes us to the conclusion that smart filters and tags are ‘smart’ for a reason, which is that they significantly help you to dynamically send targeted offers based on the specified segment and ticket status.

In essence, Smart Tags and Filters offer you room for creativity and for customizing your marketing and sales process in ways that only CRM platforms can match.


Revamp CRM integrates with the best customer service platforms to ensure you utter professionalism in your work.

  1. Freshdesk, which provides a cloud-based software for customer support that gives you EVERYTHING you need to delight your customers.
  2. Zendesk—a cloud-based customer service software and support ticket software platform which allows quicker and easier interaction between businesses and customers.
  3. Zopim, an award-winning live chat software solution. There you can chat with visitors in real-time and increase conversions. Sales and support made easy for businesses!

Now let’s take advantage of all those cool “smart” features to manage customer service effortlessly! Using our efficient segmenting and marketing automation tools, you can instantly have your customer base segmented, view your statistics, use the smart eCommerce filters, and send personalized and targeted campaigns to your segmented database using our ready-made email templates.

Go ahead and create your account to enjoy your 30-day FREE trial on! A smart customer relationship is all you need to increase your profits, guarantee customer satisfaction, and get lasting results!

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