As an online store owner, you must have spent a lot of time, money and effort to convince new customers buy from you once, and you probably know by now how much waste it is to never hear from those customers again. Ecommerce Customers Purchases

Your past customers are the core of your eCommerce business. You need to nurture them, build trust and maintain a special relationship with them. They are the source of your product reviews, they build up your credibility and even your unhappy customers are as Bill Gates said: your greatest source of learning.

So here’s the top 7 tactics you need to implement today to increase customer retention and drive them back to purchase from you again and again:


Customer Retention Tactics 2


1- Utilize Customer Accounts

Customer accounts make repurchasing much easier because customer information is pre-filled. But you need your checkout process to be easier. So the trick is to ask customers to create an account after the first order has been placed.

2- Implement a Loyalty Program

Developing a loyalty membership to your store is another way to increase conversions from your current customers while rewarding them for their repeat purchases.

3- Send Regular Newsletter Emails

Sending eCommerce Newsletter has proven itself to be one of the top retention tactics every store needs to implement right away. Email converts much higher than social and close to twice as high as organic search. Ecommerce Customers Purchases

4- Surprise & Delight Your Customers

Remind your customers of how awesome your products are by sending free gifts to your them so that they come back and buy again. This helps create a sense of loyalty and build a special relationship between customers and your store.

5- Reach out on Social Media and Post Often

Reach out to your customers on Social Media to drive them back to your store. Many times, these people can be your most loyal customers and brand ambassadors. Offer great content and they will want to hear more about new products
and promotions.

6- Offer a Discount or Credit to Return

Discounting is the classic way to increase your customer retention. It can be a very effective trigger to bringing back customers that haven’t purchased in a while.

7- Implement Right Place, Right Product, Right Time Emails

Knowing your products lifespan and sending well-timed emails can be the perfect and very logical way to bring back dormant customers. This tactic can be particularly effective because in theory, you’ll be delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

Source: Shopify Blog

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