Of course, we all thought of expanding our customer service channels, but what we did not think of is using Snapchat as a customer service medium. yes! Snapchat actually can help you respond in real time.
Using Snap chat’s text, video, and phone chat features allow you to reach out to customers fast, solve their problems and get them up and running in no time. Customer Support Snapchat

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1. Using images to put customers at ease

One of the reasons that online marketing efforts use so many pictures and images is that these images build trust, and make the customer feel at ease. Customer Support Snapchat

With Snapchat, it is possible to allow the customer to see that their problem is being worked on and that there is a real, concerned person on the other end of the line, not just someone looking bothered while chewing their donut.

2. Creating walkthroughs in real time

Here’s another scenario. You’ve just downloaded some photo editing software, but you cannot get a particular function to work for you. Even worse, the online instructional material just isn’t working for you.

So, you hit up customer service on Snapchat. The representative asks you to send them a snap of your screen. Within a couple of minutes, they have pulled up the same screen on their workstation. Then, one snap at a time, they send you detailed pictures of what you need to do to get things working the way you want them to work. Before you know it, you have things up and running.

3. Combining voice and images

Now, imagine using Snapchat in the ways described above, then adding telephone customer service into the mix. By seeing and hearing what is going on, your customer service rep is going to be even better able to understand your problem and help you to find a solution. Fast!

4. Instructional videos and tutorials

Being able to access information quickly without waiting for a human to respond is very convenient. For businesses, automation and self-service also represents a way of saving money and time. It’s much less expensive to allow a customer to do things for themselves than it is to pay a representative to help them.

To that end, Snapchat can be used to create and post up instructional videos and tutorials.

Source: Entrepreneur.com


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