Since LinkedIn is a professional network to all workers out there, the content posted should be smartly chosen because it reflects your company mentality. This is the best place to share industry insights, company-updates, information about your products and services and exciting additions to your team.  Creating Content LinkedIn

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1. Lasso them with a killer title

Try using this formula: Number + Great Adjective + SEO Keyword + Promise. For example, if your keyword is “vinyl windows,” you could call your article, “7 Incredible Ways Vinyl Windows Save You Money.”

2. Understand your audience

For whom are you writing? If you’re trying to expand your customer base, you’re writing to all those people who are not your current customers but could be if you appeal to their interests. Find out as much as you can about them. How old are they? What is their educational background? What do they do for fun? What kinds of shoppers are they?

3. Be original

Instead of always talking about your products and services, maybe look for the human interest stories surrounding your company. Do you have any employees with unusual interests or unique perspectives? Could you show how customers are using your products in different ways? 

4. Use your authentic voice

Many people find it difficult to write in their own “voices.” This takes practice, especially if you were taught to write in a formal, academic way. Try writing like you talk. It might help to imagine that while you write you are having a conversation with a friend rather than giving a speech or writing a report.

5. Evoke emotion

Humans have a need for expressing emotion, and they’ll appreciate a chance to feel emotion on a place like LinkedIn. Share universal experiences with your readers like worrying about being late for work or not knowing where to sit at a business lunch. You’ll be that friendly face in a crowded room, just the sort of friend they need on LinkedIn. Creating Content LinkedIn


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