Amazing things can happen when your business applications like Revamp CRM and Google Apps work together. so, In this article we will summarize the benefits you can expect through feature highlights. Software for Google Apps

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Revamp CRM integration with Google Apps provides: Software for Google Apps

Import your Gmail Contacts to Revamp CRM in less than a minute, connect your Gmail to Revamp CRM gadget for Gmail and you will be able to manage your  without leaving your inbox:

  • Log in or out of the Revamp CRM account from the Sidebar.
  • Save emails to Revamp CRM Contact’s Profile.
  • Create a new contact.
  • View your own Revamp CRM task list.
  • View Revamp CRM events, tasks, and emails for a selected contact.
  • View Revamp CRM Won, Lost and In Progress Deals for a selected contact.
  • Add Task, Add Deal and Add Note to selected contact.
  • View selected contact profile summary with tasks, deals and contact’s info.
Revamp CRM integration with Google Calendar and Google Drive provides:


  • Two-way Syncing with Google Calendar.
  • Search or browse your files in Google Drive from within Revamp CRM.
  • Link and attach any Google Drive file to the relevant Contact or Deal.