As a successful eCommerce store owner you might be developing techniques to boost purchases. Before you go ahead with your strategic planning. Here is a tip for you my friend. Boost eCommerce Purchases

The human brain is most complex assembly in the acknowledged universe. Why is that worthy information for you? Because you can use the psychology of mankind, to influence your consumers to make purchases. The following is an infographic, which portrays the most successful, psychologically recognized approaches of reassuring customers to make purchases.




Social Proof

Well-Played Reviews

Strategically place reviews and testimonials around your website This will show the prospects that other people like you.

Endorsement from Friends

Endorsements from friends show your customers what their connections have recently purchased.

show your customers what their connections have recently purchased.

Social Sharing

Get your existing customers to share your products with their network. Display this
shares in a counter. This adds extra weight to
your claims.

Allow a Few Negative Reviews
You can actually increase trust. Especially if you respond to the review. Shows you go out of your way to satisfy customers.


Fear of missing out

Only A Few Left In Stock

This adds urgency to it. Makes them think that if they don’t act now they will miss their chance.

Be Careful

You can encourage people to buy immediately by saying things like ‘only five left at this price’.

Limited Time Remaining

This can be a good way to urge people into a buying decision. Use a real-time countdown for special offers, and sales will hit the moon.

Develop Seasonal Product Ranges

And have seasonal limitations. This creates a continued sense of urgency that can increase your overall sales throughout the year.

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