To reach better customer satisfaction you might need to contact your customer about an order. Shopify Tutorial Contact a Customer About an Order

Watch the video below to learn how to contact a customer about an order in Shopify: Shopify Tutorial Contact a Customer About an Order


Providing your customers with an impeccable experience is crucial in order to 1) receive positive reviews and 2) make sure they come back for more of your product.

So how you do that? Reach out to them, of course!  Contacting a customer is an easy way to ensure a positive interaction with your brand.

Plus, on the off chance that their order is “flagged” for being a moderate risk order, this is an easy way to communicate with them in order to clear up any easy-to-fix challenges.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step #1: On the left side of your Shopify Admin Dashboard,  scroll down to the “Orders” tab.

Step #2: Then click on the customer you wish to contact.

Step #3: Once you get into the “Orders” page, navigate to the top right hand side of the page which lists the customer’s name and address.

Step #4: Click on the email address of your customer

Step #5: Then, a box populates where you are able to customize the content of your customer communication. Click the “Review email” to preview your message.

Step #6: Finally, click the “Send Notification” button.


There you have it, an easy way to connect directly with your customer about any questions you may have.  This is also a wonderful way to write a quick “thank you” note to your customer, so they know how much you appreciate their business!

Any way that you leverage this feature is a positive one. So, start contacting away– your customers will thank you for it.


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