Shopify gives you an easy way to organize and manage your products. You can sort and filter your store products to have deeper insights into different product types. For instance, you can add a discount on a particular product and not another. Shopify Tutorial Filter and Sort Products

To learn how to easily sort and filter your store products, watch the following video: Shopify Tutorial Filter and Sort Products


The Shopify Platform allows you to marvel at all the wonderful products in your store by sorting or filtering your items. Or, you can use it to identify a single item, or a group of items through the sort and filter functions.

The sorting tool organizes your products by ascending or descending values, allowing you to visually scan your products and make adjustments.

Shopify’s filter tool allows you to easily extract product information and save searches for future use.

Sort Your Products List

Step #1: Go to your Shopify admin and click on “Products”:

Your products will be displayed:

Step #2: Clicking on one of the headers will sort the page. For example, clicking “Inventory” will sort your product list in the ascending or descending order depending on the number of items available in your inventory:

Step #3: You can change the display ranking by clicking on the triangular button:


Filter Your Products List

Step #1: Go to your shopify admin account and click “Products”:

Your products will be displayed:

Step #2: Click the “Filter products” dropdown:

Step #3: Choose your filter type. We chose “Product type” as an example:

Step #4: Select the value of the filter:

Step #5: Once you have chosen the filter and its value, click on “Add filter”:

Step #6: Your filter’s condition will be displayed in box right above your filtered products:

Step #7: You can always click “x” to remove your filter:

Step #8: You can also export your results by clicking “Export” at the top of the page:

Step #9: Select your exported result as “x products matching search” and choose your export CSV file type and then click on “Export Products” button:

Step #10: Shopify allows you to save your filtered results for future reference. After you have applied your filter, click “Save this search”:

Step #11: Enter the name of the search in the pop-up window that follows and click “Save”:

Step #12: Now, the next time you will open the product list, you will see your last saved search in a new tab. You can easily access its information by simply clicking on the tab name:

There you have it. You can streamline product management by using sort and filter functions within your Shopify backend. It is a simple tool that can have a big impact in the way you organize your store.  Have fun!


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