There are some interesting facts that make Email Receipts an eCommerce gold mine, and it’s important that you treat it as such because it can be the #1 tool you need to increase your customer retention: Email Receipt

  • The cost of acquiring a new customer is up to 5 times more compared to retaining an existing customer.
  • Email receipts open rate is 70.90%, compared to the average 17.19% for regular email marketing campaigns.
  • The average attention span of our receipts is 14.8 seconds. Compared to the average attention span of emails of 8 seconds, that’s 185% higher.

So how can your online store earn more sales by only optimizing your email receipts? Check the infographic below to find the answers 😉



1. Have Customers Share Their Purchase on Facebook

Shopping activates key areas of the brain, which boosts moods and triggers the release of brain chemicals that give you a “shopping high”.

Try to encourage customers to share their purchase on Facebook when they’re still feeling excited and have a “shopping high”.

2. Get Immediate Feedback from Paying Customers

You can get immediate, valuable feedback from paying customers using email receipts.  Retail stores and restaurants have been doing this for a long time.  Often, they’ll include a contest entry by completing a feedback survey.  You can do the same for your online store. Email Receipts

3. Offer a Discount Code to Incentivize a Future Purchase

A study shows that 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email that included a coupon code.

Even if the discount is something as small as 5%, or $1 off their next order, savings are savings—and in the mind of a consumer, any savings are good.

4. Use Email Receipts as a Way to Upsell Related Products

In 2006 Amazon, reported that 35% of its revenues were as a direct result of its cross sales and up selling efforts.  That’s mostly through email receipts.

5. Promote Your Social Media Accounts to Keep Customers Informed

A study shows that more than two-thirds of business leaders plan to integrate social media within their email marketing efforts.

So why aren’t you?

Simply include links to your social accounts in either the footer, or in a content card on your email receipt template.

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