However, these are just a few tips, there are more and more of the smart and easy ways you can use to increase the average order value (AOV) of your online store. Thus, you will be able to increase the revenue your business generates. But, don’t try to apply all of these tactics at the same time! The smart way to get the best of it is to segment your efforts and deploy one or two tactics at a time. Increase Average Order Value 

You may also perform A/B tests every time you make a change, this enables you to track your results against the original control to ensure that what you’ve done has actually improved your AOV or not.

So you have been making gallant efforts at increasing your eCommerce website conversion rate. You are bleeding money on acquiring that all-important traffic, are trying to outwit Google at cracking its ever-changing search algorithm and are anxiously checking your traffic sources, lest they dry up.

But if we look at the end objective of these exercises (read: increasing revenue), there’s a simpler and less agonizing way to achieve that – increasing your Average Order Value (AOV).

Always give something to the customer and they will merrily return the favor. Whenever they make a purchase, either give them reward points through a loyalty card, gift vouchers or a cash back offer. Anything that is redeemable on their next purchase of a minimum order value.

An example would be offering a $5 cash back offer on their next purchase worth $40. Or giving a free gift voucher worth $10 on an order above $60. Apart from ensuring a second-time visit and fostering customer loyalty, it increases the order value. The customer tends to buy more in order to experience that all-important gratification that comes after having bought something for free (intended oxymoron).


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