The Tough Job!

The main concern for any marketer is how to search for new ways to keep his audiences engaged all the time, a jaw-dropping material that not just engage them but turn them from just watching to actually buying the product. One of the various Marketers’ roles is not just delivering impressions but driving actual results, searching for the best way to reach out his potential customers, to serve them and feed them with the needed answers to their never-ending questions. This may seem like a tough job, unless the marketers do their research. According to recent researchers reported by Sirius Decisions, that 67% of the buyers’ journey is driven by digital channels and online content. Accordingly, the job is less tough, since we already know by now where our customers happen to be.  The next step is to find a way to make your potential customers step on their toe tips waiting for them to be the one and only provider of the meaningful content, which will help them out through their whole journey starting from searching for a product till being the loyal advocate of your brand. Customer Journey

It’s Video Time

The question now is “How to make my customers stay on my page, seeking information through my channel, & simply choosing me over anyone else?!”

The answer is by using VIDEOS! Recent researches show that almost 85% of customers refer to videos before making any buying decision. Video Content is the answer and the keyword for many of your potential customers, helping them out through their purchasing journey, in every single stage of it. Videos have proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools, according to researchers, it increases the organic reach of your posts by 157%, it also increases the time spent on your website by 105%, it also proves to double the conversion rate. Customer Journey

So, the question here has totally changed from WHY should we use videos?! To HOW & WHEN shall I use videos on my channel to be an effective marketing tool?!

The answer here is also simple. Just be available with a relevant video in every stage of the buying journey.

1- Awareness stage

1 How to Use Videos at Every Stage of the Customer Journey Awareness stage

This is the first stage in the consumer purchasing journey; where one searches for solutions to his needs. Here try to come up with informative videos about your product, simply telling the story of your brand in a very catch way that leaves an unforgettable first impression in your potential customer’s mind. In this stage, branding short videos are highly recommended. Customer Journey

2- Consideration Stage

2 How to Use Videos at Every Stage of the Customer Journey Consideration Stage

After consumers know about your brand, and it becomes in their awareness set. It’s high time to make your brand in their evoked set where consumers start choosing between the brands they considered in the first place. Here comes the positioning type of videos, where you start showcasing your brand, how it works, and how it will benefit your potential customers in their need and serve them better than the other competitor brands. Pin Pointing in your videos to how the detailed explanation of your product usage, giving them a clear message why to choose your brand, using an explainer video which doesn’t exceed one minute long; summing up all that you want to say in a small beneficial capsule.

3- Purchase stage

3 How to Use Videos at Every Stage of the Customer Journey Purchase stage

In this stage, you will try to remove any doubts in your customers’ mind to leave him with only one choice “buying your product”. It is proved that videos increase the conversion rates, try the competitive comparisons videos or the testimonials where people can trust others who’ve already used your product and it works well with them. Also, make sure these videos are short and direct to the point.

4- Loyalty Stage

4 How to Use Videos at Every Stage of the Customer Journey Loyalty Stage

In this stage you will try to keep your customers engaged with your brand, help them rationalize their purchase proving that it is the best choice they made, in that way, they will feel validated and that will increase the probability of more repetitive purchases. Here customer should be retained, it is highly recommended to offer them tutorials videos to give them some more tips about the product different usages, or live videos that engage them more with your brand; as loyal customers will love to know even the smallest details about your brand and product, no matter how insignificant this might seem, here videos come to play that role.

5- Advocacy Stage

5 How to Use Videos at Every Stage of the Customer Journey advocacy stage

In this final stage of the purchasing journey, you will want some real advocates for your brand; who are simply your loyal customers. Here comes the importance of videos encouraging customers to be your brand advocate and share the brand with their network of family and friends. Videos in this stage are mainly with the content generated by your loyal customers like the videos snapped on SNAPCHAT or INSTAGRAM using a simple mobile front camera. Those videos are the most inspirational of them all, as they are shared by real people to their social networks which make them real and more convincing; influencing other people with the magical power of the word of mouth.

To Sum it all up, in every stage in the purchasing journey, you should be available with a relevant type of video that will keep your customer engaged throughout the journey. Relatable videos will mainly double the purchasing rates as well as enhancing your brand image, increasing loyalty and boosting brand advocacy.

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