Ever wondered that your customer experience during their visit to your store could massively affect their opinion in your brand? yep! that’s a whole journey for them inside your store that sticks to their minds for a long time. from the music to how items are displayed, fitting rooms & even the salesperson who greets them while they enter your store. boost foot traffic
the more pleased they are the more likely they might come back whenever they are around. Even better they will most likely search for your brand online to spread a good word. They most probably will be the next customers inline who buy from you online store cause you already gained their trust with your retail store.

Here are some tips to create a pleasant environment inside your store for a memorable experience.

Retail Store

1- USB Chargers

Ever notice how crowds of people gather around charging stations at airports and such?  72% of Americans and 67% of Canadians own a smartphone so Why not give potential customers a reason to gather in your store?

2- Free Wi-Fi

62% of businesses reported that customers spend more time in-store after they introduced free Wi-Fi.

3- Lounge Areas

Shopping can be uncomfortable and tiresome. Give your customers a break and encourage them to sit back and relax while in your store.

4- Animal Amenities

If your store is pet-friendly, put out some water bowls and offer treats for the animals. Just make sure you have doggie bags so owners can help you keep it clean in case of any accidents.

5- Hydration Station

Shopping can be thirsty work — which is why offering some spots to refill a shopper’s tank can be beneficial to keep customers in your store longer.

6- Give Back

Give people a chance to give back to the community and host a food or clothing drive. This could be extra effective if the items can be purchased at your store. Don’t forget to contribute too!

7- Award Discounts for In-store Visits

Encourage customers to check in on Facebook or another app that your target market is likely to use. This encourages them to come into the store, as well as spread the word. Take it a step further and tell them to post about how excited they are for the discount so others learn of this opportunity.

8- Services

Don’t just offer products for purchase – offer relevant services that help make your customers’ lives easier.

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