Most of your day is gone already by scrolling down for new things that might catch your eyes, and make you stop scrolling for a while. Searching for specific information, you go through hundreds of web pages via Google that all compete to serve you the data you need in the easiest most interesting way. It is a very tough competition when you know that there are millions of e-commerce pages online. The fact of having your product recognized through this crammed crowd will be your hardest job, only if you don’t know some vital hacks that will glorify your brand and make it shine brighter between your folks. In the next lines, you will find the best practices that will raise up the conversion rates on your website; what’s really amazing about those tips is that they are really applicable not just theory so you will be able to apply them once you are done with this article. Let’s go through the top 10 list for the best e-commerce conversion hacks. Profitable eCommerce Website

1. Fasten Your Seat Belts and Speed up!



First of all, you need to have a very high internet speed. Imagine browsing two identical pages on two different browsers, which one do you prefer if they are both exactly the same? Correct: Speed makes the difference. You will be at ease surfing a page with high speed that will enhance your experience as a user. Each second matters, as according to Wal-Mart, they found out an increase in their conversion rates by 2% for every 1-second speed higher. Now, this is considerable! Profitable eCommerce Website

2. The Eyes Eat Before The Mouth



What does that mean? A catchy design plays a vital role in your website, not only catchy but interactive design really matters in improving the user experience through your website. It fastens the navigation through the website making it more responsive. Keep testing different designs till you settle on the one that brings the best of both worlds, beautiful design with easy usability techniques. Profitable eCommerce Website

3. SEO Capitalization


It’s absolutely vital to start using trending keywords that serve your website and bring more traffic as well. Capitalize on your search engine optimization; some of them are paid ones to obtain high-ranking placements in the search results. Organic reach using effective keywords are better; however, you should have your considerable budget paying for placing your website on top of any search engine, to be seen. Profitable eCommerce Website

4. Shed Lights On Your “Call to Action”


Try to make your call to action as clear and bold as possible. Telling people what you need them to do, will simply make them do it. Whether your website is about downloading an application or selling a product or even subscribing to an online magazine, being clear will help you build trust on your website which will boost your conversion rates.

5. Smooth your Website Navigation


It’s proved that smooth navigation boosts the conversion rates by almost 20%, people having an enchanting experience on your website without any complications will almost buy in there; they will almost have repetitive purchases once they are comfortable. Having a search bar that is easy to use, as well as recommending relative products when appropriate, are two important things in your website navigation used as substantial aiding tools inside your website. As sales are proved to be directly attached to searching.

6. Be Accessible


A good customer service helps retaining customers, this is one golden rule that should be applied on your e-commerce website. Be there for your customers via live chat; keep your contact information clear on your page to help them instantly which helps developing trust and respect. According to a study, 63% of customers return to the websites that help them via live chat. This is an indicator and a proof that being accessible is crucial and vital on your website.

7. Provide a Unique Personalized Shopping Experience


When you personalize the items available for a specific bunch of people sharing the same interests, you are guaranteeing them a unique experience. They will start searching for what they want at your website before anywhere else. It will take shopping via your website to the next level; making you their first resort and an exclusive shop for whatever they want at an ease of a button click.

8. A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words


Providing photos of your product is so important in the online shopping experience, as people need to know what they’re about to purchase. Capture the product both solely and during usage to give a different perspective for your customers as well as videos that will help to accelerate the convincing process; which assures customers that they already made the optimal choice.

9. Create Urgency


Creating a sense of urgency is important. Customers usually buy when they sense that your product is a limited-edition. It increases the urge to buy, which consequently increase the conversion rate tremendously. Special offers and limited time special deals are your way in creating this sense of urgency you need on your website.

10. Offer Multiple Payment Options


Dealing with a huge number of shoppers will subject you to different kinds of people from the risk takers to the risk averse; you should be serving them with all the payment options for more convenience. As for the conservatives, you should be offering the option “cash on delivery”. In contrary, the more liberals can be offered to pay by credit card or some different payment online options. By serving them all, this will definitely make you enjoy higher conversion rates.

First Things First!

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