August is here with all of its good stuff!! Check our latest Product Updates, we have put a lot of work in it to ensure you a better well-established software! Have a great month and wait for more…. August 2017 Product Updates

More than one Branch? We are here to help!

1,2 or 3 branches?? A handful to manage, not a problem because with the new “Branches Tab” you can easily see your sales by location or user, and segment your customers by their branch. Shopify users have a blast! You will notice it when landing on store analytics page.

We are giving you more and more and more records per file

Its upgraded! You are no longer limited to importing only 2K records per file. Now you have up to 50K records per file to import, and we’ll send you an import summary email once we’re done.

Whoever is up for it.. Wins the task!

You can now easily add as many tasks as you want without having the obligation to assign them to specific users.

One way or another? We give you both!

  • We now support automatic one way synchronization of Segments! Allowing you to keep third party marketing provider lists in sync with user segments. We’ve also made it very easy to optionally delete members as they get removed from the segment.
  • As for the Lists we now support a two way synchronization for Lists, allowing you to add new users and optionally synchronize deleting members from lists to third party providers. August 2017 Product Updates

Complaints? No problem with us you have them controlled!

Because we truly believe that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. We are enhancing the tickets section for you to have better management of your customer’s complaints and queries.
  • A separate Field for a full summary and more information on the ticket has been added.
  • You can easily filter your tickets by status, updated date, creation date, priority, and type.
  • Direct actions of changing tickets status,, editing or deleting tickets are now available.

No more hanging and messed up bills

It’s time to give you a hand in managing your invoices and bills. In our new updates, we have added some tweaks that will be useful to you.

  • Purchase order number and description fields are now added.
  • You can filter your invoices according to their status, creation date, and due date.

Have a full view summary of your current invoices statues and a quite range of direct actions from the list view such as sending emails, editing or deleting invoices

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