Constant Contact is an online marketing tool, it provides a full suite of engagement small business marketing tools. With Constant Contact, you can send newsletters, manage your social media, run a survey, run an event, get feedback and more. Revamp CRM integration with Constant Contact helps you align all your sales and marketing activities. Revamp CRM Integration advantage for Constant Contact users:
  • Export Revamp CRM lists of contacts to Constant Contact mailing lists.
  • Export all or part of your contacts and leads to Constant Contact list.
  • Automatically sync through linking Revamp CRM lists to a Constant Contact lists.
  • Use smart contact management tools and filters to segment your contacts and send better targeting Constant Contact Campaigns.
  • Use our Custom Fields to capture information specific to your business and your business process.
  • Have a 360-degree view of every contact to help you send better personalized Campaigns.
Constant Contact Integration Advantages for Small Business contacts view Revamp CRM integration with Constant Contact is all about creating the most seamless workflow that ties your sales process to your marketing process and help you achieve the best results. How we do it you ask? When you signup to Revamp CRM you will be able to import all your contacts from +26 different apps and tools. After that you’ll be able to:
  • Keep your Data Organized:Use our powerful Tags and Custom Fields to keep your data organized. Sort and organize your contacts into different Lists.
  • Real-time Updates: Use our intuitive Smart Filters and set criteria to each of your Segments. That way any contact matches your Segment’s criteria will be automatically added to your Segment, and each Contact who no longer matches your Segment criteria will be automatically removed from the Segment.
  • Constant Contact List Management:Automatically sync your Revamp CRM lists to a Constant Contact lists.
  • Slice & Dice Your Data: Export all or part of your Contacts to Constant Contact Lists or CSV.
  • 360 Contact Profile: Have a 360 Contact Profile for each one of your contacts, including your Contact’s Tickets, Invoices Notes and even Email and Communication History.

  segment Constant Contact Integration Advantages for Online Stores and eCommerce We at Revamp CRM proud ourselves for having the most powerful Shopify – CRM Integration. And we want you to have the most out of Constant Contact, that’s why we offer you Intuitive Segmentation Tools with efficient eCommerce Filters to help you create email marketing campaigns and automations throughout your customers’ lifecycle. And here what we offer you:
  • Segmentation Based on Shopping Behavior: Our Segmentation tool lets you easily create Segments based on your Customer purchase activities, shopping patterns, and more to help you send tailored cross-sell campaigns to customers who have bought one product and not another.
  • Real-time Updates:The Segments you create will remain up to date in real-time so you’re always looking at the right set of customers. For instance, once a customer makes a purchase on your store, he will be automatically added to your One-time Customer segment and an order follow-up automation will be initiated accordingly.
  • 360 Contact Profile:Each contact has its own profile where you can store and organize email history, orders, shopping history and also track your Contact Lifetime Value.
  • CRM Features:Use our powerful Tags and Custom Fields to keep your data organized.
  • Online Store Integration:Use our intuitive Powerful eCommerce Filters and set criteria to each of your Segments and Lists.
  • Abandoned Cart Insights:Have the best available analytics on your abandoned cart rate, and products.
  • Store Dashboard:Evaluate performance of your products and understand your orders value, AOV, and other metrics to help you make the best decisions for your business.

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