Wishlist + Share + Reminder by Softpulse infotech



This Shopify app enables your store’s shoppers to easily create lists of products they want from your website, even more, it allows you to customize the look of the add to wishlist button and the wishlist page. Also, it comes with a sharing feature that they can use to send gift ideas to their friends and family members. Plus, The app comes with support for automatic email notifications, so it will send a message to someone when an item they want goes on sale.

Highlight features

  • Enable customers to include products to their wishlist
  • Get wishlist shared with friends and family
  • Check other users adding their products to their wishlist
  • Customize emails format for wishlist emails or products on sales
  • Remove products from customers’ wishlist


Price: $5/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating:  4.7 / 5

                  Wishlist @ $2 by Mascot software technologies pvt. Ltd


This Wishlist @ $2 app can help the customers to create their fully customizable wishlist, and it will send you a report everyday of all of the products people have added to their wishlists. so, Also, this Shopify app lets your customers create wishlists which can they can email to their friends and family or share on social networks like Twitter and Facebook,
and furthermore, it will even automatically tell them via email when the prices of their desired items have changed. so, Last but not least, this app supports all the product’s images will be performed perfectly on different screens.


Highlight features

  • Enable working with Quick views
  • also, Provide eh editor to edit my Wishlist
  • Automatically update after a paid month
  • also, Easy to set up daily reports
  • Support to share wishlist report


Price: $2/month. 14-day free trial.

Rating:  4.7 / 5

                  Wishlist King ‑ Royal Wishlist by Appmate


The main feature of this app is to provide customers with a friendly and easy use of wishlist. so, Moreover, it lets your customers build lists of items they want from your store without having to login, and it enables people to share their wishlists via email and WhatsApp, as well as on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Also, wishlist king enables your customers to create multiple types of wishlists for specific events or projects, and it comes with social sharing as we said before and an analytics dashboard.

Highlight features

  • Easy to share wishlist through social media or email
  • Provide users with full customization
  • Support of data analysis
  • also, Can be translated into any language
  • Quickly create wishlist without login required

Price: From $4.95/month. 14-day free trial.

Rating:  4.9 / 5

                  Wishlist Plus by Swym corporation


This app lets people set up lists of your store’s merchandise without requiring them to be logged into your website. and it comes with support for multiple currencies. Also, the customer’s data is synced across devices that it is easier for them to see their search history and shopping is more interesting in some way. The app also allows shop owners to customize the design of the wishlist that you can edit it to blend with your store’s theme or to follow your taste. Furthermore, this wishlist Shopify app offers a detailed dashboard with analytics and reporting that you can use to help make marketing decisions about your business.

Highlight features

  • Simple to change the design of wishlist
  • No login required for visitors to add wishlist
  • Support metrics and reports of wishlist activities
  • Sharing wishlist is available
  • Easy for customers to see their search history


Price: Start from $0/month – 30 day free trial

Rating: 4.9 / 5

                Wishlist Hero by Revamp


This app allows your customers to share and recommend their wishlists with their friends and family through email or through social media like Facebook, Twitter and more. Also, no login needed for your shoppers to add too wishlist as well as they made wishlist for guest users. Plus, you can track products, customers and their activities, with timerange & export.  Last but not least, wishlist hero lets you customize the look and to feel to you brand and language.


Highlight features


  • Customers can add a variant to wishlist.
  • Show product count in Wishlist.
  • Retarget customers through Facebook pixel
  • View Individual shopper’s wishlist
  • Easy & code free installation
  • Show Wishlist as a menu item, header menu or floating


Price: Start from $0/month – 14 day free trial

Rating:  5 / 5