Revamp CRM, a popular CRM solution for Sales, Marketing & eCommerce, recently received Rising Star 2019 Award as well as the Great User Experience Award, from the leading B2B software review experts at CompareCamp. Revamp CRM Awards

Our CRM software earned the award after a full analysis of the features
by the review team from
SaaS reviews is a platform where business owners and managers visit to explore different software products
to deploy to their workflows.
The team said that Revamp CRM “ had merges marketing and sales processes and information in one place
allows eCommerce business personnel to access data and work from anywhere
and provides integration abilities that automate eCommerce business management.”.
The result is overall output boost for the organization.

CompareCamp also gave Revamp CRM its Great User Experience Award.
That reflects how it business owners can easily organize all the information they need in one place
which includes those related to contacts, activities, tasks, deals, and orders.
Because of this, they and their team members or personnel will be able to locate and access information easily
work productively, and accelerate their business growth. 

Finally, CompareCamp recognized Revamp CRM with the Rising Star Award. Revamp CRM Awards

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