Fashion Industry Secrets :

You know those types of brands that everyone talks about, and create magic whenever their names pop up? creating propaganda around your brand seems to be a successful method but alongside with other factors. and definitely, these fashion designers played it smart.


1. Joey Ng

VP of Marketing, Naja

Establish the core message, nail it, then expand

Find your niche and define in very few words what makes your brand distinctive, then Pinterest and Tumblr away. If something doesn’t fit those original 3 words – even though you might like it – scrap it. Establish the core message, nail it, then expand.”

2. Yan Wang

Founder, XYZ Impression

Often times, people are purchasing more for the label than for the actual product. 

For startup companies, a good way to get traffic is through working with social influencers. It’s all about finding your niche market and exposing a good quality product or service to them.”

3. Gail McInnes

Communications Director, Stylist Box

First impressions do count.

“Having a strong brand with compelling messaging helps customers connect to the clothing and accessories they wear. If a consumer relates to the brand, it creates a connection; the wearer feels as though the brand is an extension of themselves

4. Dawn Del Russo

Fashion & Lifestyle Expert, Founder Bella Dawn &

Keep your brand consistent on all social platforms.

“Branding is everything in business, especially fashion. It is part of the statement you make. It defines the brand more clearly.

5. Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart

Founder, President & Creative Director, Vaute Couture

It’s important to ask yourself as a label “what do I have that big corporations don’t?”

“Fashion is an outside expression of who you are on the inside. So branding is everything for fashion. It’s how you shout to the world: if you’re like us on the inside, you might express that in the same way on the outside.


6. Chris Ngo

Owner, The Leverage Showroom; Co-Owner, Embellish NYC, Haus of JR, Crysp Denim, Lifted Anchors and Foundation Footwear

It’s not who makes it first, it’s who makes it better.

Today in this fast fashion market, they want to see what’s in now. So many brands are hopping on trends and pushing similar looks that it’s all about who’s first to deliver and first to market. But it’s not who makes it first – it’s who makes it better.”

7. Carolyn Delacorte

Co-founder, Boxwood Press

many brands, from Chanel to Anthropologie, have developed a cult following so robust that just the mere sight of a logo inspires a feeling of tribal belonging.

The person who faithfully carries a Louis Vuitton bag is often expressing a statement about wealth and class, while the J Crew devotee is probably more about creativity and trend. These are all messages that have been expressed through branding and morph into a personal message for each consumer.”


8. Andrew Coimbra

Creative Director & Designer, Andrew Coimbra

Part of knowing your brand is knowing who can help your brand.

“The most important thing when starting your own label from scratch would be to know your brand. People always think that they know what they are aiming at, and what vibe appeals to them, but people rarely consider what that means beyond the basics. Who are your clients? What is your ultimate objective? Where do you see your label in 5 years? 10 years?”

Source: Shopify Blog