In Business world, email considered the most highly effective communication tool that your company uses. Whether you’re sending an email to someone who’s a few doors down or thousands of miles away, the benefits are countless for using Gmail for your small business.

Gmail Benefits for Small Business:

  • Storage: Google provides 10GB for free which should be more than enough for most small business.
  • Record: You can keep a record of all sent and received communications.
  • Sort & Search: Enjoy your peace of mind with Gmail powerful search tool, you’ll be able to find that 2 years old email quickly and easily.
Because of this, We at Revamp CRM take our CRM integration with Gmail very seriously. You can use Revamp CRM as a part of that smooth workflow you enjoy with Gmail. All you need to do is to Get our Gmail Gadget, and you’re ready to go. existing-contact-zoom

Gmail Gadget Advantage:

  • Get access to your CRM from inside your inbox.
  • Add a new contact to Revamp CRM with one click.
  • See where you left off and what is your next scheduled task.
  • See a quick deals summary of won, lost and potential deals.
  • Add notes, tasks or deals with a simple click.
  • Capture active Gmail email right into Revamp CRM.
  • See a quick orders summary for Shopify store orders.
  • Use our Smart BCC email anytime you send or receive a message from a Revamp CRM Lead or Contact, and we will attach a copy of the communication to their profile.

Revamp CRM & Gmail Integration advantage:

Know your Contacts Better:

contacts view
  • Save Your Time: Stop wasting your time with data entry and import all your contacts and leads from your Gmail to your CRM account in a minute.
  • Manage everything in one place: Keep all of your communications visible in one place.
  • Tags and Custom Fields: Use our Custom Fields to capture information specific to your business and your business process.
  • Contact Profile: Have a 360-degree view of every contact with our dynamic contact profile

Send Better Marketing Emails:

  • Smart Filters: Use smart contact management tools and filters to sort your contacts into different Segments and Lists.
  • Email Marketing: Use our Email Marketing Automation and Campaigns to send better-targeted emails.
  • Pre-built Marketing Automation: Use our Pre-built Sales and Marketing Templates to save your time.
  • Automatic sync with another email marketing tool: Export Revamp CRM Lists to your email marketing tool, and enjoy our automatic sync between Revamp CRM Lists and your email marketing Lists.

Connect our Sales Automation to your Gmail:

  • Sales Follow-up Reminder: Add your Google Contacts to Revamp CRM and we will automatically remind you to follow-up.
  • Follow-up Templates: Use our pre-built follow-up email templates to save your time.

Close More B2B Deals:

Deals ad
  • Deals inside your Gmail: View your Contact’s Deals history inside your Gmail Inbox.
  • Sales Pipeline: Visual Sales Pipeline to help you know your Deals and top contacts at a glance.
  • Deal’s Card: Actionable Deal’s Card with a summary view of your Contact.

Get our Gmail Gadget