Freshdesk is a cloud-based help desk and customer support solution.
Freshdesk not only allows quicker and easier interaction between businesses and customers.
and helps you stay on top of your customers’ inquiries.
 It is also regarded as one of the most cost-effective support systems for businesses of all sizes.
In Revamp CRM, we believe that our customers’ feedback is our greatest source of learning because it helps us improve. and evolve better. That’s how customer support could have a great impact on your sales. so, A better customer satisfaction will help:
  • Increasing engagement and customer loyalty.
  • Resulting in continued engagement and sales.



Freshdesk Integration Advantage

You can easily view and manage support tickets within your CRM account
every tickets will be associated to the relevant contact profile so you have a clear over view of each contact.

Key Features:

  • We will import all your tickets and attach them to relevant Revamp CRM contact profile.
  • If your contacts don’t exist in your Revamp CRM account, we will automatically create new contacts.
  • If the Contact already exists in Revamp CRM, it will be updated.
  • Your tickets status will get updated according to changes in your Freshdesk account.
  • We will remind you to send an email or make a contact when a ticket is overdue.
  • You can use our contact management tools and filters to easily segment contacts with overdue tickets
    completed tickets or any other tickets status.
  • Check past tickets of a contact in one place.


How to improve your helpdesk with Revamp CRM :

Revamp CRM is a complete robust platform that helps users automate all their sales, marketing, CRM
and eCommerce activities. It is built to help small businesses achieve high levels of customer satisfaction
which is the core for boosting sales growth.

Lead Management:
Revamp CRM integration with Freshdesk helps to connect your helpdesk with you so, the most effective Lead Management tools to help you convert your Leads into paying customers.

  • Contact’s Stages: Choose from 7 different stages to define your Lead’s Stage, whether he’s hooked or he made it all the way to becoming an evangelist.
  • Custom Fields & Tags: Use our Tags & Custom Fields to capture information specific to your business and so, your business process.
  • Segmentation: Use contact management tools and filters to sort your contacts into different Segments and Lists.
Sales Follow-up:

Revamp CRM is all about automating your workflow
and we understand the hassle you go through every day to make sure you didn’t forget to follow-up with important lead or customer.
That’s why we decided to middle in and provide you the best solution to automate your sales follow-ups

  • Pre-built Segments: Once you’ve imported your contacts into Revamp CRM
    we will automatically create different Segments for you, such as: Contacts with overdue tickets
    or contacts with invoices and many more segments.
  • Lists and Segments: Our Smart Filters will help you create Lists (Static Groups) and Segments (Dynamic Groups) to help keep you database organized.
  • Follow-up reminders: We will automatically remind you to follow-up on different Lists and segments that you created.
  • Follow-ups page: Your Follow-ups screen helps you see all your upcoming tasks
    follow-up, overdue tickets and invoices.
    You will be able to complete your tasks, send emails and follow-up without leaving this screen. so, We also give you a pre-built email templates to help you send emails with one click.
Marketing Automation:

When you integrate your customer support with Revamp CRM
you’ll be able to create special marketing workflows as well as automated follow-up sequences.
Or better, you can use our pre-built email marketing automation, and start sending emails in less than 5 minutes.

  • Pre-built Automation: Our pre-built automations enables you to trigger the next steps in the sales process to turn your potential leads into paying customers.
  • Integrate with a 3rd party: Export all or part of your Contacts to MailChimp, Constant Contact or other email provider Lists.
  • Email Templates: We provide you Follow-up, Sales and Marketing email templates
    to help save your time and send well designer professional emails in seconds.
Sales Pipeline:

Our visual Sales Pipeline and out-of-the-box Sales Reports will help you enjoy every minute of selling.

  • Sales Pipeline: Visual Sales Pipeline to help you close your B2B Deals Fast.
  • Deal’s Dashboard:See your sales results alongside activity metrics like number and value of deals added and number of completed sales activities.
  • Sales Reports: Sales Funnel Report, Team Insights and Team performance Reports to help you take the best decisions for your business.


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