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Harvest is a cloud-based business management and accounting software.
It provides a very useful time tracking tool, so, with professional-looking invoices.
Harvest helps users speed up creating, sending and managing invoices online and get paid faster.

As a CRM designed for Small Business, Revamp CRM excel at providing all the features needed to close more deals like:

  • Visual Sales Pipeline: With Actionable Deal’s Card to help you add notes, tasks and send emails without leaving your Sales Pipeline.
  • Sales Follow-up Reminders: We remind you to make a contact when an invoice is overdue
    and we provide you pre-built email templates to help you follow-up with one click.
  • Custom Fields & Tags: Use our Tags & Custom Fields to capture information specific to your business and your business process.
  • Segmentation: Use contact management tools and filters to sort your contacts into different Segments and Lists.
  • 360 view Contact Profile: for each contact, including your Contact’s Tickets
    Invoices Notes and even Email and Communication History.
  • Email Marketing: Our pre-built email marketing automation enables you to trigger the next steps so, in the sales process to turn your potential leads into paying customers.
  • Integrate with a 3rd party: Export all or part of your Contacts to MailChimp, Constant Contact or other email provider Lists.
  • Sales Pipeline: Visual Sales Pipeline to help you close your B2B Deals Fast.
  • Deal’s Dashboard: See your sales results alongside activity metrics like number and value of deals added and number of completed sales activities.
  • Sales Reports: Sales Funnel Report, Team Insights and Team performance Reports to help you take the best decisions for your business.
  • And much more..

When you win more deals, it’s better to use a intuitive and easy tool like Harvest to help you get paid fast.
What Revamp CRM does is that it helps you manage payments and invoicing, so, track them,
and see complete histories tied to relevant contacts in your CRM account.

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Harvest Integration Advantages for Small Business

Revamp CRM gives you the ability to synchronize your contacts and Invoices with your Harvest account.

  • We sync twice a day to import your Harvest contacts, invoices and update their status.
  • If you contacts don’t exist in your Revamp CRM account, we will automatically add them to your contacts.
  • We will import all your invoices and attach them to relevant Revamp CRM contact profile.
  • Your invoices status will get updated according to changes in your Harvest account.
  • We will remind you to send an email or make a contact when an invoice is overdue.
  • You can use our contact management tools and filters to easily segment contacts with overdue invoice, so, paid invoice or any other invoicing status.


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