Here are a couple of case studies to illustrate the significance and importance of the Revamp CRM software: 


Marketing Automation

We make it easy to send personalized sequence of emails triggered by customers actions and behavior to keep different customer segments engaged. In just one click, you can use our Pre-built Marketing Automations that will help you send a sequence of emails to customers based on their shopping behavior.  CRM eCommerce tips



Contact Profile

With Revamp, you can manage your customers’ data, orders details shopping behavior inside your CRM.Tag, add custom fields and better categorize your customers based on shopping activities. Enjoy our ready made filters.  CRM eCommerce tips




With Revamp, you will always be looking at the right set of customers! Our Real-time Automatic Segmentation gives you insights about each segment, their AOV (Average order value), revenue, orders’ count and we automatically sort them into real-time updated segments.It will always be that easy with our ready made segments.  

Store Analytics 

Through your Store analytics, You can easily Know your customers like never before by having different views of customer segments. Get to track your online store sales, abandoned cart, cancelled orders and your top products, categories and discounts so you can define your store best practices, repeat and win more sales.  

Email Marketing 

Our marketing tool is designed to help you in conveying personalized emails in just a few clicks. You will be able to include personalized information about each customer name, order details, abandoned cart items and much more through one click to ensure the best promising shopping experience and keep your customers hooked.

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