There are different perspectives of men compared to women in regarding eCommerce. The info graph is based on the online shopping habits on men vs women with a view, that is to outline the differences in shopping behaviors to help online retailers better understand their customer base, and know how to target men and women with the right shopping experience and email marketing messages. Online Shopping Behavior

A broader look into the two sexes reveals some interesting facts that all online shop owners can use. So let’s find out together the 5 key traits from our research into male and female shopping trends. Online Shopping Behavior

Our new infographic has uncovered some surprising things about men and women’s online shopping habits. If you have a payment gateway to take card payments online then this infographic will help you better understand your customers’ online spending behaviours.  From spending patterns and social media habits to bargain hunting and review writing, the infographic is packed with useful information on online shopping trends. And if you’re interested in finding out how to devise your marketing campaigns to best to target both genders, you may want to read our expert advice that follows below the infographic.


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