Black Friday is the big event following “Thanksgiving Day”- the last Friday of November, falling anywhere between November 23 and 29. Some people consider it as the beginning of holiday shopping season. Almost all shops announce amazing discounts, with “Early Bird Specials” to attract their customers. In the past people used to stand in line many hours before shops are opened. Boost Online Sales

Nowadays, almost all the people search for online stores’ offers and specials, which make all retailers put plans, launch large marketing campaigns, and well optimize their stores to be the best during this annual high profile sales season.

Here are some of the most effective ways to attract your customers and gain more sales from your Black Friday.

1- Send a Black Friday announcement email to your customers

Sending a Black Friday marketing blast email to both your past and potential shoppers is very important to expand both your sales and customer base! Segment your past and potential customers according to their different needs and wants and start to send a special email to each segment.
According to some reports; “25.1% of sales during Black Friday promotion season has originated from email marketing, which makes it the biggest driver for Black Friday trades. On the other hand, an online retailer instigated an email marketing campaign which saw a 330% increase in revenue per email sent.” Boost Online Sales

You need to:

  • Create a catchy subject line, which is the vital component to your campaign’s success, as it is the first thing your targeted audience read.
  • Schedule your emails based on time zones or peaks of online email users. Someone once said that: “Email marketing is like nurturing a seed to grow.”
  • Include a personalized messages “Add this event to your calendar” section linking your website. You don’t want your special customers to miss your amazing Black Friday promotions, which have made especially for them!


2- Be Active on Social Media 

Facebook has updated a new feature “Shop Section” which is a great way to connect with users, promote easily, sell more and grow your online store. To make the best of it, you should first create an attractive custom Facebook cover image to promote your Black Friday sale.  EyeTrackShop reported that: “participants spent more time looking at Facebook cover photos than wall posts or ads.” So, if you want to grab more Facebook users and make them know about your Black Friday sale, you should customize your cover photo first.

Black Friday 2015 revealed that there were about 3.8 million posts mentioning Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on Facebook and other social media platforms. This year the number of online stores is increased for sure, and to make your post show among these massive number of posts you should be unique… creative… awesome. Plan your black Friday social media marketing campaign is both exciting and challenging task since you can see what people are saying on a millisecond and they expect you to act swiftly! Your social media posts should vary before, during, and even after Black Friday to make your customers satisfied hence boost your sales.

Always keep in mind to:

  • Choose the best time to post.
  • Schedule your posts when there is a peak of social media users online.
  • Don’t leave a comment unanswered.
  • Put some instructions on what is to do next for your customers like: “Visit our site” or “Find out more on…”

3- Give more to your landing page

In a report by Google AdWords: “61% of holiday shoppers begins searching online for their purchases prior to the weekend of Thanksgiving.” So, if you annually create a new landing page to boost Black Friday sales, your SEO will start on a clean slate and that means it is less likely that you will be listed on top of the search results in the next time consumer searches for a product related to yours!



You need to make your landing page look great on any device. Be aware that almost everyone has an access to a smartphone or tablet and computer specs vary too, so try to avoid slow loading time or any device compatibility issues. You need to include a “Sign-Up” function in order to keep your visitors ‘interest alive, add a section where your potential buyer can subscribe for updates regarding the upcoming sale.

4- Consider adding a countdown timer

A research for comparative pricing discovered that: “94% of online shoppers take time in finding the cheapest product, 36% of which spend an additional 30+ minutes of comparison shopping before arriving at an actual purchase decision.”  By including a countdown timer to your promotions, you help your customers decide immediately, thus you can win that sale right there and then. And to do it the right way, you need to put a countdown timer on every product you post; you should state a specific date and time that the product’s sale will expire on. Also you promotional emails should have countdown timer; which will help in building anticipation days or weeks before your Black Friday sales.

You can also pin an announcing post on your Facebook page, it is the simplest way to highlight your offers on your Facebook pages. By pinning a post, you’ll ensure it stays at the top of your timeline even after you make additional posts. A study found that: “Facebook status updates containing images saw 104% more comments, 54% more likes, and 84% more click-through than those that didn’t.”

Every online store wishes for the best sales on Black Frida, the battle is not that easy. Get ready and well prepare your tools and tactics to be unique among these massive advertising campaigns during Black Friday season. Hope the mentioned tactics and tips intensify boost your Black Friday marketing campaigns.

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