Your order history page is a great place where you can track the order lifetime from order placed to fulfillment. Shopify Tutorial View Order History 

In this video, you will learn how to view your order history in Shopify: Shopify Tutorial View Order History 



Viewing the order history of your Shopify store is a great way to track the customer relationship from purchase to delivery.

This includes any additional communication that you may have with your clients, and is presented in a streamlined, easy-to-read interface.

This tool helps you provide a consistent point of interaction with your customers, delivering an exceptional experience every time.

Step #1: Open your Shopify admin and go to the “Orders” page:

Step #2: Click on the order number you want to open

Step #3: Scroll down to see the order history


If you need to resend an email about an order to a customer– it’s simple!

Step #1: Go through the aforementioned steps to view the history of an order. Scroll down to see the order history.

Step #2: Click on the “Resend email” next to the concerned action


There you have it!  An easy way to look up your order history. This is a perfect way to maintain constant customer communication, and gives you the ability to streamline contact.

Happy selling!

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