1. Acting Without a Plan

Define what your goals are and map out how you’re going to get there.

  1. Thinking Size Matters

Thousands of followers may look good on your trophy case, but if they’re not quality leads it’s a waste of time and money.

  1. Spreading Yourself Thin

It’s better to be awesome at only a few social media sites then be simply “ok” at all of them.

  1. Ignoring the Competition

Keep an eye on what your competition is up to by regularly visiting their website, reading their press releases and frequenting their social media sites.

  1. Not Looking in the Mirror

Monitoring your progress will help you to focus on things that actually move the needle.


 The advice available to anyone trying to solidify their social media marketing strategies is endless. Still, many businesses run into the same pitfalls time and again.

  1. Focusing on follower quantity. The number of followers isn’t important; your business will see a much greater return if you target those users that care about your marketing.
  2. Irregular posting of unengaging content. 176 million people buy products online every year, and sporadic, lacklustre content will not persuade them to buy your products.
  3. Not converting followers into paying customers. Only 12 percent of social media users that see ads are likely to make a purchase, so highly shared posts are only useful if they convert into sales.
  4. Focusing on too many channels.  New, fast-growing services like Snapchat and Ello may seem very active, but Facebook’s 1.23 billion users are a tried and true audience.
  5. Having no brand personality. Oreo gained huge exposure with their timely, witty marketing during the Super Bowl in 2013, and still only 22 percent of companies see the value in creating a personality for their brand marketing.
  6. Spamming. This one’s a no brainer. Everyone hates spam.
  7. Doing everything manually. When scheduling tools exist, attempting to manually manage a handful of campaigns or half a dozen pages is a waste of potential.
  8. Broadcasting the same message across multiple channels. Much like brand personalities, different platforms require different styles of content. It may also irritate the most loyal fans that follow your brand across multiple networks.
  9. Not having a strategy at all. 90 percent of businesses have a social media strategy, so running any campaign without one and possibly without meaningful analysis and goals could be a huge waste of energy. Social Media Mistakes


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