Facebook is known to be the top in regards to social communications, your target group must be using Facebook throughout the day therefore it is without doubt that your shoppers will happen to contact you via Facebook.

Having a good customer service on Facebook is imperative.

Below is an infographic that explains how to use customer service through Facebook.

Shoppers Want To Be Updated

Be transparent, the platform will present opportunities than risks

Share information even if the problem has been resolved

Shoppers Want You To Apologize

Always acknowledge and take ownership of your mistakes

Say that you are sorry for the inconvenience, show shoppers that you care

Shoppers Want Their Problems Fixed

Always offer a gift to compensate for your mistake.

Take ownership of your mistake and be generous while making things better

Shoppers Want To Be Heard

The basic concept in good customer service is listening

Take the time to understand what has been written

Shoppers Want Fast Service

Shoppers took their problem to Facebook because it’s easy

Respond quickly to customers on social media sites