Increase your Sales Using Social Media : The purchasing process started by the desire to find something you want to buy. But by using social media marketing you may convince your shoppers with your products and let them think: “Oh God, I may need to buy this!”
Social media marketing is a great way to support your selling plans. Yet, it’s a tricky line to walk! You need to promote your products to your audience, but be aware you may lose some followers if all your post is about “Buy this thing!”, instead, you need to make your fans say “I want this”. You can use “80/20 Rule”: 80% of your content should be information based, not promotional especially in the beginning. Thus you can get an audience that wants your content. As you grow followers, you can increase promotions.
Here’re some tips on how you can use social media platforms to increase your online sales and grow your business.

1- Post the Proper Content to Your Fans/Followers

You should differentiate the social media platforms and their users; as Facebook users are different from LinkedIn users who are different from Instagram users… and so on. So, you have to match your content to your customer, there’s no such thing called one size fits all. Observe, start listening to your user’s comments, try to solve it, and share some convenient meaningful content and thoughts… This is the very first step which will earn you their trust.


In order to have a perfect social presence, you should put in your mind these two things:
• Your followers/ fans
• The social media channel you use
Based on these two elements, you can easily understand what works on which platform and why!
However, when it comes to running a specific campaign, you should make sure that you chose the right platform for your content. Increase your Sales Using Social Media

From the previous picture you can figure out that every social channel has its own character:

• Facebook is more convenient for promoting entertaining content, along with visual content messages with less than 100 characters.
• Twitter: can be used for sharing business tips, besides visual content and better use 70-100 characters messages.
• LinkedIn: is perfect for formal business; promoting everything related to your brand, leadership posts and the latest news about your industry.
• Google+: you can share technical content, GIFs and blog posts.
• Pinterest: offers you an amazing platform to create and share infographics and photos.
• Instagram is perfect for sharing brand-related visual content such as photos, creatives, and 10-second videos.

2- Shall you post often or not?!


Is posting too much content for or against your campaign?! Some marketers discourage frequent posts; they think if you post too often your audience will quit following you. While others say that you should post a lot in the beginning especially, because you don’t have followers and need to be shown! They think that this is the only way to get attention. If people aren’t complaining about how much you post, so you are not posting enough!
Yet, it differs from platform to another. Pick the platform wisely before you start your campaign and put in your mind the interests and the nature of its users; pick the ones that are more likely to have the biggest impact on your business, the ones that your audience is using and that are relevant to your products. You don’t need to be present on each of them.

An estimated numbers of how often to post on different social media platforms:

• Facebook: a Maximum of 2 posts per day
• Twitter: a Maximum of 3 tweets per day
• Google+: a Maximum of 3 posts per day
• Instagram: 5-6 times per week – minimum once a day
• LinkedIn: a Maximum of 2 posts per day
• Pinterest: a minimum of 5 pins a day
And put in mind that there is always an optimal time and day for everything on social media. For example, according to some reports of TrackMaven, “Instagram engagement is consistent throughout the week with a slight spike on Mondays!”

Here some of the posting dead zones on different social media platforms

3- Be Genuine… Don’t Copy and Past

Write your copy, it makes people think you are special. Also, you may consider adding some photos and visuals. Some studies reveal that: “People prefer visual content because it is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster! And it is 4 times more memorable than text.”

• LinkedIn posts with images have a 98% higher comment rate
• Tweets with image links get two times the engagement rate of those without images
• Facebook posts with photos get 53% more likes, 103% more comments and 84% more click-through than posts without visuals.

So, it makes sense that images have become the most important element in social media content. Also, the length of the post is very important; long posts are very common to be skipped. Dan Zarrella, a social media scientist, said that tweets that are 100 to 115 characters long are more likely to be retweeted.

The same is on Facebook posts that are maximum 40 characters long do perform better in terms of engagement than the long ones, whereas Google+ and LinkedIn are calling for longer posts.
It is very important to track your content performance and make use of it; Observe how your target audience responds to all your types of content and which marketing messages resonate the best with them. Analyze your competitors’ social media presence and understand where and how you should be more active. And always remember that without attractive content, social media can’t yield any results! So, work on creating strong content before taking any other step in your social media campaign.

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