Abandoned Carts

As an online store owner, one can imagine the dilemmas you withstood to lead your eCommerce business. Not only did you hire an experienced photographer to produce beautiful images of your products, subsequently uploading them on your social media channels, but you are also managing your inventory and production process to guarantee that your products exceed customer expectation.
Through determination you successfully built an eCommerce website, nonetheless you recognized the nuisance of the Shopping Cart Abandonment. You realized that more than 65% of shoppers abandon their carts, meaning that 65 in 100 shoppers leave without a purchase. After all your hard work, such analysis must be discouraging.
But wait, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. By understanding the reasons behind shopping Cart Abandonment. You CAN resolve those issues and WIN that lost revenue back !!

Let’s go through the Top 5 Causes and Fixes together.