Import & Export your data in simple steps!

Revamp made it easier to import or export your existing data to or from your CRM. Import multiple data types quickly and with verification to eliminate duplicates without having to rely on your IT. Sync with external providers to automatically bring contacts and correspondences across. And export contacts at a click of a button, for easy sharing and backup.

Eliminate entering data manually

Say goodbye to manually enter your data by one by one. Map your fields and match your data history to ensure data accuracy. Now you can import your contacts, deals, tasks, files, and Notes.

Export your files

Have a detailed backup of your customer’s data with you to take it anywhere.

Multiple data entries

Upload more than one file (50,000 records per file) in one import session to get all your data into your Revamp account.

Other Integrations

Get your data from your favorite apps using our 24+ integrations with different business categories.