As an e-commerce offering discounts and deals can be a tricky decision, not knowing what to offer and what not to offer. Discounts and Deals can be a valuable tactic that can be beneficial to your business. Nonetheless it can cause harm if not used correctly. Below is an infographic that demonstrates the methods in which offers can be used in regard to promoting your business.

How to effectively offer discounts

Weekly/Monthly Offers

These are traditional sales used to drive increased sales

Prelaunch Offers

Use pre-launch offers to help drive traffic and peak interest

Holiday/Season Offers

Black Friday, Christmas and New years are the big ones

Abandon Cart Offers

Abandon cart offers can be powerful to bring people back

Offers for Liking

One of the hardest parts of running a new online store is getting word out

Referral Offers

People are likely to purchase if referred by a friend