Marketing Automation Mistakes :

Revamp CRM can do the hard work for you.
we believe that contacts and relationships are the backbones of any online business.
we brought you the Segments concept to make it seamless to stay on top of the different kinds of contacts
and relationships in your network. so, By using Revamp CRM you can:

  • Set a follow-up reminder for each List.
    and we will automatically remind you to make a contact when the reminder hits zero.
  • Attach your Lists to a Campaign or Automation, and use our email marketing tool to send emails.
  • Sync your Revamp CRM List with other email tools like Mail Chimp.

Revamp CRM  offers you automated workflows that help you stop wasting your efforts on repetitive tasks
and start to focus on growing your business and achieve your goals.
it allows you to set off a customized sequence of actions from sending follow-up emails, to creating tasks.


Marketing Automation Mistakes:

While Marketing Automation seems like a quick and smart way, so, it’s not a long-term solution, nor does it create the fertile ground for a healthier, longer relationship with your future customers!
It’s more of artificial chemicals or enhancers to make your plant grow faster. so,
Sure, it seems like a good, quick fix–but it doesn’t set you up for future, long-term success.