Having a strong presence on different social media channels can drastically increase your eCommerce sales. It goes without saying that Social Media Marketing is key to help you acquire new customers. It puts your store on the map, makes new customers read reviews about your products and increase the chances for them to trust your brand. Grow Your Online Sales

Post Daily Content to Increase Engagement

Know your target audience and adjust your posting frequencies accordingly. Pro Tip: look at the engagement levels in comparison to posting frequencies of your competitors for some guidelines. The minimum should be once a day on Facebook and 4-6 times
a day on Twitter.


Use Images When Posting to Social Media

Photos on Facebook have been shown to generate over 50% 50% more likes than the average post. Don’t forget to include links to your New Collection, Announcement or Big Sale.


Embed Social Buttons within your Site

Increase the number of impressions on your social networks by embedding social buttons within your site and within your marketing communications. Here’s an example:

Footer & Header of your website and blog

In your newsletter

Within blog posts

Leverage Social Reviews to Automate Word of Mouth Marketing

Product reviews are essential to create trust and provide insights on your products. Automating this process helps to convert over 8% of customers to reviewers through their mail after purchase email which results in a large number of reviews being created.


Create Micro Content

People have less patience and less time to consume content. A growing trend among marketers which should be seriously considered by online store owners is the creation of bite sized chunks of content for quick and easy consumption.


Run a Twitter Q&A

The idea is to pick a day of the week, and then encourage your community to post questions related to your product, industry or really anything. You then provide answers and choose the best questions and use them in a blog post.

Bonus tip: Pick a hashtag related to the Twitter Q&A and ask your community to use it within their tweets.


Run a Pinterest Treasure Hunt

The way the treasure hunt works is to contact a few partners and ask each of them to pin an image on one of their Pinterest boards. Each image is meant to provide clues to the next image in the treasure hunt. You get the ball rolling by publishing a blog post about the promotion and a link to the first image. Fans that get to the last image are forwarded to a hidden page where they enter in their credentials to take part in the raffle.

Experiment With Different Titles in

Your Blog Posts

The title of a blog post carries a lot more weight than the average person realizes and should get as much attention as the content of the post. Here are some tips for optimizing your titles:

Use everyday language

Leverage common psychological traits (urgency, fear, desire, etc)

Keep it short

Use negatives (Don’t do this vs. do this)

If you’re post is a list, start the title with how many points you’re going to make


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