It is extremely easy to forget that Black Friday is approaching. If you are committed to being one of the best retailers in 2016 then you must be prepared for Black Friday. As Black Friday is, in fact, one of the busiest holiday seasons. Online Retailers

In this infographic, we will take you through the important facts of Black Friday and what to do in order to be prepared and ready for it. Online Retailers

Black Friday
Survival Manual
Americans shop
on Black Friday
Online Sales by Device Type
71% Desktop
16% Tablet
13% Mobile
Weekend Shopping by Day
27.3% Thur
33.3% Fri
26.4% Sat
13% Sun
6 Steps To Prep For Black Friday
Test Your Server Load Capacity
It is very frustrating to shop during online sales is if a site is slow to load.
Make Checking Out Easy 
Customers will enter your site, find the best deals , pay and exit as quickly as possible.
Announce Your Discounts
Many retailers competing on this day,  announce that you have discounts on early on your. site
Have enough stock
There’s nothing worse than running out of product, not meeting your customers demands.
Be an Early Bird
Start Content Marketing Early ,begin planning and creating two months early.
Get Product Pages Ready

Be certain to add your items to your site if they are not already part of your catalog.

Where and when did all this frenzied shopping begin, anyway?

The popular myth is that the phrase “Black Friday” described how retail stores spent most of the year “in the red” on their balance sheets.

The holiday shopping season, beginning on the Friday after Thanksgiving, put them back into the black. Hence, Black Friday.

As it turns out, that popular story is designed to cast the term “Black Friday” in a positive light.


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