9 Tips on Creating an Ecommerce Return Policy

As the competition fierce in the eCommerce world, a straightforward return policy becomes an essential ingredient to increasing your sales. Especially when it comes to obtaining new customers, who are not familiar with your products quality and still needs to trust you. A return policy supports your honesty and gives them an assurance that they are not gambling when buying from your store.

Customers are trained to demand it and without it, your customers might go to your competitors. The following infographic will give you 9 easy tips on how to create .

As a modern retailer you wear so many hats that even your hats have hats.


So when you’re navigating your retail brand through the seemingly enormous world of eCommerce, sometimes things slip through the cracks, and often times your returns policy is one of those things.

Okay— so your returns policy isn’t the most attractive thing that pops up when you think about your eCommerce business, but what if instead of being a pesky reminder that product returns still exist, your returns policy could help retain customers and even drive sales?
Aha, now we’re talking, but aren’t product returns bad for business, how could they possibly help my bottom line? 
Two words. Customer Experience.

Source, Shopify Blog: https://www.shopify.com/blog/4767512-9-tips-on-creating-an-ecommerce-return-policy

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